Swara shouts on Sanskar! Swaragini 7th July 2016 Episode Written Update

Swara shouts on Sanskar! Swaragini 7th July 2016 Episode Written Update : The popular TV series Swaragini is all set to showcase a passionate kissing screen between Sanskar and Swara which will be spreading love in the air on their cutest style. We already being aware of it that Swara will be getting kidnapped by Sahil but Sanskar will manage to reach on the site to save Swara and on that site the couple going to share a romantic sequence where Sanakar will kiss Swara and Swara will be seen reciprocating her feelings for him.


Swaragini 7th July 2016 Episode Written Update

On the last night episode of the TV series Swaragini we saw that Durga Prasad Maheshwari and Annapurna kick out Pareenita from the Maheshwari house, Pareenita is now desperate to seek revenge from them.

She called Ragini and tries to threaten her but Ragini doesn’t care her instead she join the Puja ceremony of the Goradiya and the Maheshwari family. On the other hand, Sahil wishes to have Swara anyhow in his life.

Now the Pandit asked to Annapurna that we need to do a Puja in the outside of the house which will be bring prosperity in your house and for the Puja whole family go out. Now when the whole family was in out, someone arrives there in the house and keep Sanskar phone in his room.

When they come in the home, Sanskar see that his phone is ringing, he reached to his home to receive the phone but he faints there. Swara is shocked to see so and Sahil now calls Swara and asked her that he did so as he wishes to have Swara.

Sahil is also threatened Swara that if she reveal anything about Sahil to anyone then he will be killing Sanskar. Now Swara is broken down in tears and try to wake up Sanskar but Sanskar is still unconscious.

Precap: Swara will be asked to the Maheshwari family that Sahil is unconscious and the family will be broken down to see so. Sujata will be shattered and will be broken down in tears.