Swara To Save Uttara! Swaragini 29th April 2016 Episode Written Update

In the yesterday night episode of the TV series “Swaragini”, it is yet to show in the upcoming episode of the TV series that Swara will dress up as a Bengali woman and Sanskar will sport wig and moustache to look like a Bengali servant and in this get-up, they both will be making their grand entry in the Maheshari house on the occasion of the Uttara’s wedding.

Swara To Save Uttara! Swaragini 29th April 2016 Episode Written Update

It is now Swara and Sanskar are already being aware from the Rajat’s reality that he is about to marry Uttara for the Maheshwari name and fame. So now Swara and Sanskar are trying their best to stop the marriage now.

Now Sanskar and Swara are doing this in order to expose Rajat. Swara and Sanskar will dress up as a Bengali couple to make entry in the Maheshwari house and they wanted that Rajat should not recognise them and it is Rajat actually doesn’t recognise them. While Swara will look pretty in a sarees draped in the Bengali style, Sanskar will be unrecognisable with a long haired wig and a moustache. Their aim is to retrieve controversial pictures of Uttara from Rajat’s laptop.

As Swara thinks that Rajat captures some intimate and cosy pictures of the Uttara and now if we will reveal that, it is the clear face of the Rajat will be coming in the front of the Uttara. Now Swara will be seen trying her best to get the pictures of the Uttara from the laptop of the Rajat.

But suddenly Rajat will be seen coming in that room and Swara will duck under the bed and Sanskar will run to another room. He will smash a pot to create a diversion which will work as Rajat will yell at his fake parents for his loss. But after Rajat leaves the house, his fake parents will catch Swara and Sanskar red-handed.

Rajat’s fake mother will be try to kill her but Swara will be lie to them about Rajat that Rajat is about to deceive you too, which is perhaps enough to bifurcated Rajat from his fake parents.

Now it will be interesting to see what this high voltage drama of the both Swara and Sanskar will be bring in the fate of the popular TV series “Swaragini” and thankfully Sanskar also manage to save from the kidnapper’s clutch.