Sujata shouts it’s a Bomb! Swaragini 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode

Sujata shouts it’s a Bomb! Swaragini 12th September 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The show starts with Police was checking the cars and Laskshay was worried about checking. But, Police allowed him to go. Lakshay delivers the package and took the money. He returned back to the home where Ragini was waiting for her. Ragini hugs her and asked why his hands are shaking. Lakshya told her he is worried about his parents.


On the other side, Annapurna was feeding food to Durga Prasad but Durga Prasad stopped her and told her that I cannot see you doing the work of the servant in the same house where I keep you like Maharani.

Durga Prasad told her he does not want to live in this house one more day. He says Sanskar got the job but Lakshay may be wandering for work. Parineeta listens to this talk and says soon Sanskar will also lose his job.

Sanskar and Lakshay were at a dinning table. Sanskar asked Lakshay why he is upset? Lakshay says he is worried for his parent. Sanskar says we are one family and I have applied for the loan in my house and soon everything will be fine. Sanskar reached his office and his boss asked him to sign the form as his loan is passed. Sankar’s boss received a call and he told Sanskar that he is just coming as a big businessman is coming to meet him.

Sanskar calls Swara and informed her that loan has been passed. Meanwhile, Adarsh meet Mr Chatterjee and told him to not trust Sanskar Maheswari. Mr Chatterjee says, Sankar is the good man and he was the owner of Karma industry. Adarsh told Mr Chatterjee that Sanskar is a fraud and he always used to take loans from the different company and the, he leaves the job.

On the other side, Parineeta takes out the picture of Maheswari family and Annapurna cries. Parineeta asked Annapurna to see out the picture to save money for Durga Prasad’s treatment.

Durga Prasad came there and told Parineeta that does she really think that by tearing the picture of his family, all of us will get separated? Adarsh came there and told Durga Prasad that you always think wrong. He told him that look around you are alone and your family are enjoying. Annapurna cries.

Laksh brings a parcel and hides it under the bed with his shoes when he saw, Ragini coming there.


Sujata sees the parcel and shouts bomb and says it is a bomb kept by Parineeta and Adarsh. Later, Sanskar came there and stops Swara from opening the box and also scolds her.