Maha Twist! Swaragini 15th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Maha Twist! Swaragini 15th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The troubles seem to be never-ending for the Maheshwari family in the TV series Swaragini. As we all know that Adarsh (Tarun Singh) and Parineeta (Aakanksha Chamola) are torturing Annapurna (Shalini Kapoor Sagar) and Durgaprasad (Nagesh Salwan). Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) also lost his job due to Adarsh’s evil intention and sAnskar was in the plan to arrange the loan for his dad and mum.


Swaragini Today Episode Written Updates

In the coming episodes, the sisters Swara and Ragini will be shocked to know that now Lakshay is in wrong apth to have money as he is desperate to make his Maa and Papa free.

So upcoming episode of the TV series Swaragini is all about how Sanskar, Swara, and Ragini will stop Lakshay from going to the wrong path as he needs to stay on the right path now.

Anyway in the last night episode of the TV series Swaragini we saw that Pareenita and Adarsh asked Durga Prasad to sign in as contract paper which mentions that Durga Prasad is actually happy with Pareenita and Adartsh in the Maheshwari mansion.

Adarsh also asked to Durga Prasad that in the paper it is also mentions that he is here living with Adarsh and Pareenita with his own choice happily with his wife Annapurna.

Pareenita warns to Durga Prasad that if he wills not sgn the apper then he will be killing Sanskar and Lakshay. Annapurna is anxious to know it and thinking with Durga Prasad whether to sign it or not.

Sanskar also scolded Laksahy as he is in wrong path now but Lakshay asked to him that he can do anything to make his Maa and Papa free as his Maa and Papa actually facing lot of atrocities for living with Adarsh and Pareenita.
Lakshay also announced that he can even kill someone in order to make his Maa and Papa make free, for that he is busy collecting money as in this world money means to everything.

Precap: Sanskar asks Lakshay to tell from where did this money come from? Laksh accepts to have been doing wrong work as well he announced that for money he is ready to kill someone.

Later women organization employee tells Swara and Ragini that they got written statement from Durga Prasad that they are staying with Adarsh with their wish and they are having a threat from Swara and ragini that they can harm Durga Prasad and Annapurna.

Swara says it is a lie. The woman says we have to work with the procedure and refuses to help Swara and Ragini which left the sisters shattered.