Blackmailer shows his face! Swaragini 16th August 2016 Episode Written Update

Blackmailer shows his face! Swaragini 16th August 2016 Episode Written Update : The last night episode of the TV series begins with Sanskar sees that Swara is sitting sad and he asked to her that must be she is worried for Ragini’s slap. She also asked to Sanskar that how she can raise her hands to me. Sanskar also gives nod but Swara said that I am not worried or hurt as she hit me.


Swaragini 16th August 2016 Written Update

Something which is making me worried for Ragini that I think there is something which is actually bothering her and I needs to know what that is. Maybe she is in the problem and I wish to help her to solve her problem. Sanskar gives the nod.

Now Lakshay also asked Ragini that how she can hit her elder sister Swara and she said that is because Swara always intervenes in my life. She said that she is feeling bad to do so but I can’t help. But Swara is aware of it that may be Ragini is being worried about something and I need to solve the same.

So she decides to prepare Kheer for family and she asked Ragini to make the paste of Elaichi. She but notices somehow that Ragini is lost somewhere so she takes the Elaichi from her and make it paste by herself.

Then she prepared Kheer and asked to serve it. Afterward, Swara left with the Kheer Ragini asked to herself that I need to save Chothu so I can’t tell you about my brother. She also seeks apology from Swara that she can’t speak to her that she is actually now the victim of blackmailing.

Ragini serves Kheer to her family and Swara also did the same. Ragini arrives in the Swara’s room to give her Kheer. Swara asked Ragini to eat the Kheer but Ragini denied then Swara say that I thought we have been patched up.

So now Ragini compel to eat the Kheer and Swara embraced her. But Ragini is somehow worried that she eat Kheer and because of the blackmail. Somehow after eating Kheer she just vomits and became too sacred.

Precap: Ragini sees the blackmailer’s face and shocked.