Shocking Twist! Swaragini 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Shocking Twist! Swaragini 17th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the TV series Swaragini, the latest crux is that Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) is being blackmailed by a person. We would be sure to think that perhaps Ragini must be being blackmailed by Parineeta or her mother, but the person who is being engaged in blackmailing Ragini is someone who is very close to her.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

As we all are aware of it already that Swara and Ragini are trying hard to get Sharmista’s baby. Swara gets to know that Dadi made a deal with the nurse, and the nurse has been hiding the baby so Swara says that she needs to search him anyhow.

Now latest something interesting in the show is that Ragini is getting call from the blackmailer and Swara sense that there is something wrong with Ragini and now she keen to solve the same but Ragini is not ready to speak anything about it to Swara as the blackmailer denied her from doing so.

Somebody is threatening Ragini that he will be spoilt Ragini’s reputation in the Maheshwari family’s reputation. As well the blackmailer threatened that he will ruin Swara’s reputation too. Ragini is being watched by the blackmailer closely so it is crystal clear that someone from the Maheshwari house is actually engaged in threatening Ragini.

We already saw in the previous episode of the TV series Swaragini how Ragini mixes a drug in the Kheer prepared by Swara and serve it to the family which keeps the family in the deep sleep. Gradually she took Swara’s picture and throws it from the window as per the blackmailer’s order.

Now the blackmailer will create an intimate picture of Swara with Lakshay and it will also show her proximity with both Sanskar and Adarsh too, apart from Sahil. Actually, these pictures are enough to show that Swara is characterless.

And when these pictures will be published in the newspaper it is media will be seen asking the question to Swara that how she can manage too many boys at the same time.

The family is shocked to see so and the media will also say about Swara that she actually trapped too many men at the same time. Swara is shattered to see so and the upcoming episode of the TV series Swaragini is all about this drama.