Swaragini 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Ragini Patch Up Swara And Sanskar

Swaragini 17th October 2016 Written Updates Episode! Ragini Patch Up Swara And Sanskar :- The TV series Swaragini is now yet to showcase that Ragini to bring Swara and Sanskar together at Uttara’s wedding! Now the TV serial Swaragini is focusing on the love-hate romantic melodrama between Swara and Sanskar which is yet to break by Ragini anyway.


Swaragini is all set to bring some romantic drama for its loyal fans. In the coming weeks, we will see Uttara’s marriage being fixed. It will be in a Marwari household. Coincidentally the groom’s mother will be giving the wedding planning contract to Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar). However, the mother would trust Ragini more as she is a Marwari so she thinks that she will be managed the wedding properly.

Eventually, the sisters will be shocked to know that they are yet to organize the wedding of no one else Uttara and when Swara will be seeing Sanskar there she will be thought to leave the project in the midway of the marriage.

But Ragini will be thought to handle the project as she thinks that it would be out of etiquette to leave the wedding contract in the midway. She will also think that this effort of her will bring Swara and Sanskar nears.

Viewers will get to see a lot of Tashan in the upcoming episodes. Varun Kapoor said that Sanskar hates Swara now as much as he loved her before. There will also be a sequence where Swara is about to fall and Sanskar to catch her in his arms only to drop her after a minute to make Swara insult as well to make her hurt.

Now Varun is also looking different with the bearded and he is having a serious look. His wardrobe is also more formal now. The actors seem to be enjoying shooting for the hate sequences as he just now a day giving the perfect shot.

Adarsh and Pareenita also all set to reveal the locations of Lakshay very soon as we are already aware of it that Lakshay has been kidnapped by Adarsh and Pareenita and somehow they are all set to reveal his location anyway.