Swaragini 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Swara & ragini get shocked

Swaragini 19th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Swara & ragini get shocked :- The Colors’ TV show Swaragini has taken a 6-month leap. Lakshya is missing and Swara blames Sanskar for the missing of Lakshay. She feels Sanskar has ruined Ragini’s (Tejaswi Prakash Wayangankar) life. Swara decides to separate from Sanskar till he will find out Lakshya.


Swara and Ragini are now living with their parents Sharmista and Shekar, who are helping them run a marriage bureau service. Sanskar is still in search of his brother Lakshya but all goes in vain as till now he did not able to find his brother Lakshay.

In the upcoming episodes, Uttara’s marriage gets fixed but a new vamp is all set to enters the show in the form of Uttara’s in-law. Apparently, Gayatri will fix her boy’s marriage with Uttara and Gayatri is not to be a nice person to take care of Uttara instead he will be seen putting Uttara and her family into the trouble.

Gayatri gives Uttara’s marriage contract to Swara and Ragini. But She wants Ragini to carry on the contract more than Swara as she gets to know that Ragini belongs to a ‘Marwari family’ and Swara is from a Bengali family). The sisters are unaware that they are discussing Uttara’s marriage instead they thinks it is one of the proposals they are having.
After they get to know that they are planning Uttara’s marriage, Swara argues with Ragini and asks her to give up this wedding contract. But Ragini wants to complete it as she can’t be so irresponsible to leave the contract in a midway but Swara thinks that Sanskar will surely create problems if we will be carry on this contract.

Swara and Ragini are shocked to know that Gayatri is an orthodox person and she is demanding dowry from the Maheshwari family. The sisters wonder as for how the Maheshwari family agreed to this marriage as if once they will be giving money to the Gayatri then she will be looking to have it again.

During Uttara’s marriage preparations, Swara comes across Sanskar many times but Sanskar did not notice to her. Audiences will get to see Swara and Sankar’s ‘Tashan’ but in this time Ragini will be thought to patch up Swara with Sankar.

We believe Swara and Ragini would break Uttara’s marriage, which will annoy Gayatri. So, after Lakshya is home, Gayatri might create new trouble for Swara and Ragini.

Sanskar, on the other hand, promises to Uttara that anyhow he will be bringing Lakshay on her wedding but he did not able to find Lakshay instead he find Lakshay’s wallet and car. Has Lakshay has kidnapped it is yet to reveal in the upcoming episode of the show Swaragini?

As per the upcoming track, Swara and Sanskar will be also sharing a sweet memory by when Swara will be about to slip in the road Sankar will hold her but Swara will lash out at him for touching her.

For that shouts of Swara Sanskar will be left Swara from his arms to make her fall down. Afterward, Swara will again lash out at Sanskar. Is Adarsh kidnapping Lakshay, it is yet to clear.