Ragini Parineeta Refuse! Swaragini 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ragini Parineeta Refuse! Swaragini 19th September 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The episode starts with Dadi praying to God and says she will not let this chance go out of her hand. Laksh asked Ragini whether she will support him or not. Ragini says Yes, I trust you and knows that you have done all this for the Maa and Papa. Ragini made Laksh eat with her hand.


Laksh talks to his boss, and his boss asked him to deliver three parcels in a red car. Laksh agrees and thinks this will be the last time he will do this work and after that, he will never see the face of his boss again in his life.

Laksh went to deliver the parcel to the red car, but he was shocked to see the police sitting in the red car. Police asked him not to be over smart. Sanskar came there and told Laksh that he would not let his brother walk on the wrong path.

Laks and his boss both get arrested. Laksh’s Boss said Laksh that his brother betrayed him, and he feels lucky that he is orphan and no-one can betray him. Laksh says Sanskar what you have done.

Police take Laksh from there, and he was in tears and think, he was betrayed. At home, Swara and Sujata were shocked to know that Sanskar put Laksh in Jail. Sujata asked Sanskar why you put Laksh in Jail? Soumi says Sanskar has done for the betterment of his Laksh.

Ragini came there, and something fell out of his hand after listening to this. Ragini asked Sankar why you did this? Sankar says I cannot see my brother walking on the wrong path. Ragini told Sanskar that she would go to save help Laksh from coming out of jail. But, Sanskar holds her hand and says he has done for the betterment of Laksh, and he knows Police well, and they won’t touch him.

On the other side, Inspector asked Laksh to sign on the blank paper, but Laksh denies. They tied him and beat him. On the other hand, Ragini says she must go to see the Laksh. Swara says fine we will go in the morning.

Police beat Laksh severely and Laksh recalls his boss’s word that his brother betrayed him. Police will ask their fellow constable to beat Laksh when he gets consciousness.


In the upcoming episode, Inspector will call Adarsh and informed him that his work is done. Patineeta tells Dadi that the work is done. Dadi remembers Parineeta that she no has to give his 40 percent of the property to Lado. Parineeta denies, and Dadi threatens her that she will ruin her plan.