Mega Twist! Swaragini 1st August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Mega Twist! Swaragini 1st August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates  :- In the upcoming episodes of the TV series Swaragini, it is all set to showcase when Swara (Helly Shah) will get to know about Dadi’s secret. It has to be recalled that actually, Dadi is responsible for Sharmista’s accident and death of her baby.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

She had also bribed the nurse in the hospital to not revealing the truth. So she manages to make a baby of Sarmishta hide with the help of the nurse. Now Dadi asked to Sarmishta that her baby has died but Swara found Dadi to be sceptical on something.

Swara also catches Dadi on giving money to nurse so Swara doubt that may be Dadi creates these all misfortune event in the Goradiya house.

In the upcoming episode of Swaragini, it will depict that Dadi will again hide and meet the nurse at the temple. Swara and Ragini would also be in the same temple, but Dadi is not being aware of it. While Swara is worried about her mother Sharmista, Ragini is also worried for Sarmishta.

Ragini also speaks about Pareenita’s warning and she discusses the same with Swara. As in the last episode, we saw Pareenita doesn’t want Adarsh to give her divorce so she asked Ragini to call back her in the Maheshwari house.

She also blackmails Ragini with a video. Apparently, the video will be of Ragini’s, where she would be seen involved in the wrong act, to save her family. Although Ragini tries to hide this video but Pareenita manages to see this.

In the meantime, in the temple, Swara watches Dadi speaking to a lady. Seeing Dadi tensed, Swara became fishy on Dadi and decides to follow her, but Ragini intervenes and asked her to let Dadi go. Dadi’s plan backfires as the nurse join hands with another lady and now the starts demanding more money from Dadi provide that she can hide the truth.

The mysterious lady threatened Dadi with the knife, Swara is shocked to see so but till now Swara is unable to know who the mysterious lady is. Throwing light on how Swara come to Dadi as actually, she follows Dadi despite Ragini denied her from doing so.

Now Swara comes to the hospital where the nurse panic to see her and she reveals the entire truth to Swara, that Sarmishta’s baby is alive and actually she did so as Dadi bribed her to do so. Swara is shocked now.