Swaragini 21st October 2016 Written Updates! Sanskar calls Swara ex-wife

Swaragini 21st October 2016 Written Updates! Sanskar calls Swara ex-wife :- The TV series Swaragini is now yet to focus on the love story of the couples. We know Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) is mighty still having a soft corner for Swara and Ragini is indeed notice the same between Swara and Sanskar.


In the coming episodes of the show, it is the drama will shift to Uttara’s (Khyati Mangla) wedding. We know that Uttara’s mom-in-law will give the wedding planning arrangements to Swara and Ragini. However, Sanskar will spot them as well he asked the sisters’ to leave the house.

It seems that Uttara’s mom-in-law will come to know that Sanskar has a Bengali wife she will be angry and thinks to break the wedding of Uttara with her son but Sanskar will be clear to her that Swara is his ex-wife so she can precede the wedding. Regarding the issue Swara and Sanskar will be having a massive showdown on the middle of road and Ragini will be shocked to see so.

Ragini will take on the wedding planner role and do things that make Sanskar realize the importance of Swara in his life. Before that, they will meet at Uttara’s in-law’s place where Swara and Sanskar will be going romantic.

Ragini will be very worried about it and Sanskar says she will bear ties with his ex-wife for his sister’s sake.
In last night’s episode, Swaragini saw a massive fight on the phone between Swara and Sanskar. The two were blaming each other and then an ugly spat takes place between them.

The argument got nasty which will be leaving both Swara and Sanskar emotional and Swara will be just broken down in tears.

Precap: Sanskar asked Gayatri that he will leave. Gayatri asked to him that Sujata told her about his wife, and says if you ever unite with her then I will send your sister back to your house. Sanskar assures her that he and his ex-wife are like rivers two different ends which can never meet. Swara and Ragini hear him and look stunned.