Swara & Ragini look at chotu! Swaragini 22nd August 2016 Written Updates

Swara & Ragini look at chotu! Swaragini 22nd August 2016 Written Updates :- The last night’s episode began with Ragini overseeing the blackmailer checking property documents. Secretly, Ragini tied a thread on the side of the table. Without seeing the thread, the blackmailer fell down while trying to run away from the room. Then she started shouting and tried to stop the blackmailer.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

In the meantime, Swara came to the room hearing Ragini’s loud cry. And instantly Swara hit the blackmailer’s head. He fell down unconsciously. Then Ragini removed the mask of the blackmailer only to find that it was Adarsh. Both sisters were startled to see it.

After gaining consciousness, Swara and Ragini wanted to know that why did Adarsh do this to them? But unapologetic Adarsh replied back saying why should I answer you? Then Swara threatened that she will reveal everything to mom. Then Adarsh said that he will also disclose about Parineeta’s murder. Hearing this Ragini said that she didn’t push her or kill Parineeta.

Then suddenly Annapurna and Sujata appeared on the scene and wanted to know what has happened. Trying to hide the truth, Adarsh said that he got slipped outside so blood was oozing out around his ear. Meanwhile, Annapurna wanted to know how is Ragini? She said she was okay but called out Swara for some help.

Then Swara keeps the ornaments and property papers back into the lockers which were earlier stolen by Adarsh. Meanwhile, Ragini wishes to disclose everything to Laksh. But she feared because Chhotu was still under Adarsh’s captive. Meanwhile, Adarsh again threatened Ragini that if they try, to tell the truth to anyone then Adarsh will kill Chhotu – their little brother. Actually, Adarsh wanted few of the property papers to get signed by Durga Prasad. And the latter signed these papers even without reading them.

Precap: In today’s episode, Adarsh will come home with a veiled woman and an infant child. Will it be Parineeta and the little boy-chhotu? But even before the sisters could get hold of their little brother, Adarsh threatened to kill him. Watch out this space for more updates.