Swaragini 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Sanskar & Swara Argument

Swaragini 24th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Sanskar & Swara Argument :- The episode begins in a chaotic manner as Gayatri reveals everything to Sanskar. She said that Sujata already told her everything about his turbulent family life. She stated that they are lucky as Uttara’s is getting married in Gayatri’s family. While explaining these things, Gayatri also said that she was really sad that Swara has left Sanskar. But she also warned to not to associate with his Bengali wife again or else she will throw his sister out of their house.


Gayatri has no respect for Bengali that’s why she dislikes ‘Bengali Bahu’. The latter told her not to worry as he would do whatever Gayatri told her. Meanwhile, both Swara and Ragini were stunned by Sanskar’s behavior. How can Sanskar agree to such a harsh demand? Ragini thought that this relation was moving correctly as Sujata gave crores as dowry.

In another scene, Swara went to pick a taxi. Sobered Ragini looked on and thought of uniting both Swara and her husband. Meanwhile, Sanskar informed Sujata that both Swara and Ragini will plan Uttar’s marriage. But Sujata was surprised as she knew that if Gayatri comes to know anything about it, she will straightaway cancel the marriage.
Sanskar told that if the marriage is broken it’s alright, but Sujata convinced him that Uttara’s marriage has already broken once and she is tensed. They have to proceed with her marriage now under any circumstances.

Annapurna also cautioned that people asking for a dowry for marriage are not good but Sujata said that already crores of money has been transferred to them. So this marriage can’t be canceled now.

Sujata then explained her family members that she can do anything for Uttara. If the latter’s in-laws demand more money, Sujata will give more. All she wanted was her daughter’s happiness. Suddenly, Uttara appeared on the scene and said that she can’t marry without the gracious presence of Swara and Ragini, but she is happy now that both sisters will be present on the wedding venue as wedding planners. Sanskar warned Uttara not to call Swara and Ragini as her Bhabhi.

In today’s episode, Sujata and Annapurna will go to Sumi and Shekhar’s home. Sujata told both sisters (Swara & Ragini) to behave as strangers, but suddenly Gayatri appeared on the scene saying ‘Really’?