Swaragini 25th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Latest News

Swaragini 25th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Latest News : Colors TV popular TV series “Swaragini” has been keeping its viewers engaged to their TV sets with interesting twists and turns. In the latest development on the show, it is depicted that Cunning lady Ragini disappear from not only Maheshwari house in fact front of her entire family. It was Rgini’s wrong intentions have been exposed in front of Swara and entire Maheshwari house. Swara who trusted Ragini from the core of her heart hurts to see her sister’s real face. Swara insults Ragini badly also promised that Swara won’t let Ragini to go in Lakshay’s life.

Swaragini 25th November 2015 Episode Written Updates Latest News

Swaragini 25th Nov 2015 Episode

When Swara drives Ragini out from the Maheshwari house, eventually Ragini got disappear. In last night episode we saw that nobody get Ragini although, they search entire Kolkata. Annapurna blame Swara for the reason of Ragini’s missing.

Suddenly, Sanskar got the CCTV footage and when the Maheshwari houses see the footage, they see that Ragini actually arrived in the phone booth but within five minute she got disappear.

When Annapurna blames Swara for the missing of Ragini, Sanskar tried to explain now we need to search Ragini, instead of blaming each other. Swara use her brain and get to know that may be Ragini got kidnap.

Truth is also that Ragini got kidnap and she is right now is in an isolated area. Ragini don’t know anything about it and find it scary when she realized that it is she has been kidnap. Ragini will be having traced that it is a girl who kidnaps her as she catch a girl’s glimpses who is wore red shawl.

Ragini doubts that may be it is Swara who kidnap her as the shawl is actually belongs to her. But in tonight episode that it will be revealing that who kidnap Ragini.

Whether it is Swara kidnap her or Sanskar’s sister Uttara kidnaps her. If Uttara kidnaps Ragini, then why, is for ruining Swara’s life.