Swaragini 25th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates! Swara falls on ground

Swaragini 25th October 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- COLORS TV most remarkable refreshing program, Swaragini looks like an excellent entertaining show, which gives the elevated voltage potential that makes to the Swaragini followers.


Swaragini 25th October 2016 Written Update

The daily TV series ‘Swaragini’ cyclic made to give goose bumps to the spectators with its never denying dilemma way and immediately the classic crux of the show is to showcase in the current episodes that, Swara (Helly Shah) and Sanskar (Varun Kapoor) slam into each other. Sanskar inquires as to whether you are visually impaired. Swara requests that he abandon her. Sanskar abandons her and she falls on the ground. He comes to Baadi with the Inspector and gets some information about Laksh’s telephone.

Actually, Monitor tells Sanskar that Laksh’s telephone is exchanged on after such a large number of months and tells that the individual is changing area over and over. They check his area. A man is seen with Laksh’s telephone in the Baadi.

Where In the latest episode, Sujata says I got irate listening to that you both are doing the marriage game plans. She requests that they act as outsiders until Utara gets hitched.

She says I told Gayatri that Sanskar’s better half abandoned him and Laksh’s significant other is remaining at her folks’ home. She requests that them not advise anything to her and help out on them.

Gayatri comes there, hears them. Sujata is stunned and inquires as to whether she heard them. Gayatri advises that she saw them coming to Baadi and requests that driver tail them.

Sujata says you needed to keep an eye on us. Gayatri says no. Sujata says she came to converse with them about marriage courses of action. Gayatri says somebody prescribed their name to her.

Sujata says approve and says they will take off. They see Sumi coming. Gayatri happens to see an angle in her pack and keep the hand on their nose. Sumi apologizes to them and request that come and have tea.

Ragini says no, and requests that Sumi accompany her, calls her mom. Gayatri is stunned, says she is your mom. Swara says no, she is my mom. Gayatri says approve.

She asks Ragini, where is her home. Ragini says it is here. Swara says her home is there. Ragini says fish is made at their home, and the notice comes till here.

Gayatri says terrible stench. Sujata requests that Gayatri comes. They clear out. Swara tells Sumi that, she would have seen them and that they have seen the fish.

Sumi points the finger at Swara and says in the event that you would have been in your sasural then this wouldn’t have happened. Ragini sends Sumi home and requests that Swara goes to advertise.