Ragini Is Unconscious! Swaragini 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Ragini Is Unconscious! Swaragini 26th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In the TV series Swaragini, Sharmista gives birth to a premature baby, but the doctor informs her that the baby is soon going to die as the baby born under the premature stage, so worried Sarmishta will be requested to the nurse to not let anyone knowing that she gives birth to a baby.

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Swaragini Episode Written Updates

Dadi is on the other hand looking opportunity to seek revenge from Sarmishta as she thinks that because of Sarmishta Ragini suffered a lot in the Maheshwari’s house. And it is also cleared that it is Dadi who purposely keep water in the stairs by which Sarmishta slip and meet with the accident.

So Dadi is responsible for Sarmishta’s this situation and she has to give birth to her child on untimely but still Goradiya family is not aware of the Dadi’s evil intention.

At the hospital, Ragini and Lakshya are shattered to hear that the baby dies and the couple also wishes to adopt the Sumi’s baby. Ragini recalls how Parineeta’s cursed the Maheshwari family that the family will be never blessed with the baby.

Lakshay and Swara try to console Ragini who is completely broken down. In the upcoming episode, Ragini will somehow again become victim of the family member’s anger as she will suggest the family to bring back Pareenita again in the house.

Ragini will be daring to say so and for that Annapurna was about to throw her out of the Maheshwari house but at the nick of time Lakshay will be save her. On the other hand, Sarmishta will be shattered to know that her baby has died.

She will search her baby and can’t control herself when she sees that the baby is crying in the temple, she will move to the baby and showered her love on him as she will think that the baby belongs to her.

But eventually, when police see that Sarmishta with an unknown baby the police will charge Sarmishta that she is trying to kidnapped the baby. Sarmishta will be shocked and will try to give an explanation that she doesn’t try to steal the baby.

It is the crux of the story who conspire against Sarmishta, it is Dadi or Pareenita. Although, Swara doubt Dadi that she trapped Sarmishta as she caught Dadi was speaking with an unknown lady and Dadi was giving her money.

Throwing light how the baby will come in the temple, that an unknown beggar will keep the baby on the temple as per someone’s instruction the nurse give money to the beggar to keep the baby on the temple.