Durga prasad attack on ragini! Swaragini 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Durga prasad attack on ragini! Swaragini 27th August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show stars with Parineeta telling Adarsh that now this house belongs to us. Sulekha comes there and says sure. On the other side, Durga Prasad thanks, Shekhar. Shekhar asked Durga Prasad that we are one family and will stay together. Summer tells Annapurna that we will fight together to this situation.


 Swaragini 27th August 2016 Episode

Meanwhile, Shekhar and Summi with their Chotu along with rest of the Maheshwari family comes there. Dadi was shocked to see them. A man asked Shekhar who is this baby. Shekhar says my mom always tries to hurt me and she has done again. Dadi says she has done all this for his betterment.

Shekhar says Dadi is responsible for what Parineeta and Adarsh do with Maheshwari family. Dadi cries. Shekhar asked her to leave the house as he does not want to leave with her.

Dadi goes and all the Maheshwari family went to the house of Shekhar. Shekhar tells Chotu that her two sisters saved him and reunite their family. Then, all arranges food fro all the MAheswari family and when they all were about to eat their food, door knocks.

When Shekhar opened the door he found that a lady constable along with a number of women was there. They told him that there is a FIR registered against you Mr Shekhaar. All the other family shocks and they told him that your mother filed the FIR.

Dadi comes there and started acting. She tells the ladies inspector that they all tried to burn me. Lady constable told her that she can tell them if anything happens to her.

Shekhar asked Durga Prasad to come and leave in the Dida’s house. Dadi asked Shekhar that if he will leave the house, then he will have no connection with her.

Shekar leaves. Dadi asked Ragini that she can stay in the house. But Ragini denied and left the house with Swara and her husband. Dadi says Ragini you have to come back to this house.


In the upcoming episode, Parineeta comes in the Badi and insults Swara. Dadi told them that they came there to insult Durga Prasad. Durga Prasad faints and Ragini shouts Papaji and Annapurna look on.