Sanskar gets Angry! Swaragini 27th October 2016 Today Written Updates

Sanskar gets Angry! Swaragini 27th October 2016 Today Written Updates : Now the TV series Swaragini is yet to showcases that the insecure Sanskar is now all set to start spying on Swara as he is being skeptical of Swara. Actually despite after the separation now Sanskar is obsessed with Swara and he decided now to look after Swara to know each moment of her life as still, Sanskar is unable to forget her.


Now a new man is called Nikhil is all set to fall in love with Swara which is going to play by Pratap Hada. Swara is anyway unable to handle with Nikhil but she has to now deal with him anyway. It seems a new track will start where Nikhil will get attracted to Swara and Sanskar won’t like it, as he is still in love with Swara and Ragini will be taking advantage of this situation.

Swaragini 27th October 2016 Written Updates

Well, Nikhil is actually Swara’s childhood buddy. He is helping her in the wedding planning business. Swara and Nikhil are also coming close and when Sanskar will see their proximity he just will lash out at Swara and Nikhil as he will be having an emotional outburst.

Even Swara will notice a change in him. Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) will think of making Sanskar more jealous as she thinks because of him she loses Lakshay and now she is all set to take revenge.

Sanskar will now start keeping eye on Swara as well as on Nikhil too as well he is checking out their behavior also. However, Ragini will try to manipulate the situation to bring the estranged couple together. In last night’s episode, we saw how Sanskar landed up at Baadi after it is revealed that the Lakshay’s phone location is saying that the phone is in the Nikhil’s bag.

Swara and he had a minor fight as well over the issue as Sanskar dare to put allegations on Nikhil that it is him actually kidnapped Lakshay. In the coming episode of the popular TV series, it is surely a serious argument and an ugly spat are going to take place between Swara and Sanskar regarding the issue.