Maha Episode! Swaragini 3rd October 2016 Today Written Updates Full Show Video

Maha Episode! Swaragini 3rd October 2016 Today Written Updates Full Show Video :- The upcoming episodes of the TV series Swaragini are all about to showcase a huge melodrama in which Swara (Helly Shah) and Ragini (Tejaswi Prakash Wayagankar) will be uniting to defeat Parineeta and Daadi (Alka Kaushal). Not to be surprised Ragini and Swara will also receive support from their husbands.


It will be shown in the upcoming episode of the TV series SWaragini Sumi will be organised the Naamkaran ceremony for her son Ayush for that she will be invited Swara and Ragini along with Sansakr and Lakshay. Dadi is already separated Sumi and Shekhar but Shekhar will be feeling guilty of leaving his son and wife.

He thinks his tender son Ayush need him and he can’t go from his responsibilities. Ragini is also trying her best to get her parents Sumi and Shekhar together. In the upcoming drama when Shekhar will be thought to attain the Naamkaran ceremony of Ayush, Dadi will be announced that is Shekhar will be going there then she will burn herself.

Dadi will lock herself in the room but something happened in which Dadi’s room will be getting fire. In that time Dadi will be panic and screams to see Sanskar will be enter in the room to save Dadi.

Dadi will be relaxed but pretend to be very angry with him. He is already upset with than happenings and will tell her that he will get her arrested if she tries it again. Daadi will call up Ragini and asked to her that Shekhar met Shumi. She will say that he went against her wishes.

Ragini did not answer to Dadi and happy to see that Papa still loves her Maa and she will be also thought to bring Shekhar and Shumi together. On the other hand, Adarsh (Tarun Singh) and Parineeta will feel threatened because the two sisters and brothers have joined hands against them and they are now looking forward to having more planning to ruin the Maheshwaris.

In last week episode, we saw a major showdown between Sanskar and Swara where he told her and said he cut all kind of relationship with his family. He will say that Lakshay has no right to talk rudely with his mother Sujata for that he will never forgive him.