Swaragini 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode: Swara throws Papers in Water!

Swara throws Papers in Water! Swaragini 4th October 2016 Written Updates Episode :- The last night episode of the TV series Swaragini yet to showcase that Swara sneaks into the Maheshwari house and puts forth a deal for Adarsh. She demands 10 crores for the property papers. Will Adarsh entertain this demand? Earlier, Ragini tries to get Sharmishtha and Shekhar closer. Later, Sanskaar prevents Parvati from committing suicide.


The last night of the popular TV series Swaragini – Jodein Rishto Ko begins with, in the midnight Swara call Ragini when she sees Sanskar is sleeping. She calls Ragini to discuss their plan to expose Adarsh and Pareenita but she right now doesn’t want to reveal anything to Sankar.

That is why when Swara sees Sanskar she suddenly pretends to be angry from Ragini and Ragini also did the same. Ragini criticised Swara in front of Lakshay and Swara criticised Ragini in front of Sankar but both Sanskar and Lakshay looks sceptical with Swara and Ragini.

Dadi is on the other hand in Baadi angry to see Shekhar with Sumi and Ayush. Dadi just creates a scene on seeing that. She asked Shekhar that I denied you to be with this Bengali Sumi but still you are with her now I will be killing myself.

Dadi rushes to lock her in the room and the Goradiya family tries to stop Dadi but they fail to do so as Dadi was almost committed suicide but Sanskar on the nick of time manages to save Dadi.

He also asked Dadi that she can’t do suicide as suicide is illegal and Sanskar also asked Dadi that if she will ever try to do so then he can call police Dadi. Dadi scolded Sanskar but Sanskar looks stubborn.

Swara manages to go to the Maheshwari house where she asked Adarsh and Pareenita to come in the Baadi unless she will burn the property paper of Adarsh which she is having. Adarsh asked Swara that he can’t go to the Baadi but Swara said they have to come.

Swara also asked to Adarsh and Pareenita that it will be easy for them to go to the Baadi if they asked for dinner to Dadi as Dadi will be happy to organise dinner for them. Anyway, Swara asked Adarsh that he have to come to Baadi in the night with Pareenita unless they will lose the Maheshwari property paper forever.

Precap: Swara runs with the property papers. Dadi asks the goons to snatch the papers from her but Swara throws the paper on water.