Swaragini Written Updates of 1st December 2015 Episode

Swaragini Written Updates of 1st December 2015 Episode : In the TV series “Swaragini” everybody goes against Swara and in-laws think that whatever is happening with Ragini is all because of Swara. In the last night episode we saw that Maheshwari family doubts Swara blaming her for the Ragini’s kidnapping. Although, Ragini, had been already reached home safely. But still Ragini is also blaming Swara for her kidnapping as well Lado is getting scared from her own sister Swara.

Swaragini Written Updates of 1st December 2015 Episode

Swaragini 1st December 2015 Episode Written Updates

Ragini seems to be scared of Swara and Ragini says that she has been kept in an isolated place, which was very scary for her. But Durga Prasad, Lakshay, Swara and Sanskar safely bring Ragini in the house.

On the other hand, Lakshya believes that Sanskar is behind Ragini’s kidnap as Sanskar behaved same that Lakshay is behind Ragini’s kidnapping. Ragini is blaming Swara. Who actually kidnap Ragini there is no clue about it at all.

Anyway, in the yesterday night it shows that Simar appear in Swara’s house to help her with Devika. Devika is already possessed by Patali Devi. Maheshwari house members are not happy with the arrival of Simar as they are guest of Swara.

When Annapurna asked about it to Swara, suddenly, Durga Prasad says that I have already given permission to Swara about it and she asked me about it. Annapurna interrupted him that we all know about Swara’s is convicted despite you are supporting her.

Durga Prasad Maheshwri replied that she is convicted but still there is no proof about being it true. Till then the blame of the convicts will not proved I’ll not admit Swara as the convicted.

Anyway, Swara welcomes Simar and Devika and Swra speaks about her problems with them about which Simar is looking to have the solution to solve the problems of her life. Swara’s in-laws is insulting Swara indirectly way as well criticizing her guests.

Although despite everything, Swara, is only focusing on her mission. Let see whether Swara will be able to prove her innocence or not as Annapurna already decides to call police as everybody claim that Swara is behind Ragin’s kidnapping.