Sydney: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Fell Out Of Sky After Engine Failure

Sydney: Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 Fell Out Of Sky After Engine Failure :- A defence scientist of Australia analysed signals from missing Malaysia Airlines flight MH 370. The defence scientisthas revealed that the Boeing 777 fell very fast before crashing into the Indian Oceanoff the coast of western Australia.

On Tuesday, the media of Australia reported that manufacturer simulations and data analysis showed the aircraft lost engine power before falling out of the sky at a rate of up to 20,000 feet per minute on March 8, 2014.

The analysts said in a statement that An aircraft attempting a crash or regular landing in water – would descend the speed of the aircraft at a rate of 2,000 feet per minute. It raised doubts over previous predictions that the plane landed undamaged in the water before breaking up.

The scientists of Australia believed that the aircraft made a number of automated signals with satellites on the ground near Perth, Western Australia.

The jet made seven automated handshake signals. Out of sequence signal came from the jet, a 7th signal indicated that engine of the jet failure likely from lack of fuel.

Chief Commissioner of Australian Transport Safety Bureau Greg Hood said the signal data from the aircraft MH370 crashed in the 120,000-square-km search area now being searched carefully and systematically by Australian authorities.

If the aircraft had glided to a final resting place – as previous theories had hinted – the plane may have gone down outside of the current search area.

MH370 had 239 passengers and crew members on board. The Malaysia Airlines MH370 scheduled passenger flight from Kuala Lumpur bound for Beijing. MH370 disappeared on 8th March 2014.