Sydney: Man arrested over multiple stabbings in city centre

On Tuesday morning, several people in downtown Sydney were stabbed by a man wielding a knife when locals gathered around him and stopped him with bare hands and chairs from nearby shops.

As per the dramatic footage shared by Seven News, an Australian news portal showed that a young man threatening people with a knife, climbing up on the cars and shouting. The man was also heard shouting “Allahu akbar” as he ran down a street during the chase.

Sydney: Man arrested over multiple stabbings in city centre

A few individuals approached the armed man with chairs in a bid to stop him, as the entire traffic came to a halt amid the commotion

According to Reuters, a police spokeswoman said on Tuesday that Australian police are investigating unconfirmed reports of an armed man in downtown Sydney. However, the witnesses reported watching an injured man carrying a knife. Police urged the public to avoid the area around King and Clarence Streets, in the central business district of Australia’s largest city, where they were conducting an operation.

Police gave no further information but according to Seven News, a man was in custody after arming himself with a knife and running through downtown Sydney.

The footage shared by Seven News also showed the man being trapped with a cage-like structure around his head.

According to a woman who answered the phone at a Subway store near the scene, “We saw the person with a knife over there bleeding. The cops are here and they blocked the road right now, so we can’t go outside. They said: ‘It’s a crime scene, you can’t come out’.”

The Sydney Morning Herald said several people had reportedly been stabbed, although there was no confirmation from officials. A Sky News reporter and other media reports said the man shouted “shoot me” at police.