Sydney on fire, Hundreds of firefighters are trying to control

Sydney on fire, Hundreds of firefighters are trying to control: Well, reports are coming from Sydney where a massive fire took the whole area and it is getting increased. Overall, hundreds of firefighters are trying to calm the situation but they got a long way to go, no sign of control is coming right now. You all should know that a large bushfire that was raging near Sydney suburbs are making things difficult. Overall, it is a “miraculous” event that no houses had been damaged and no-one had been injured.

Sydney on fire, Hundreds of firefighters are trying to control

Also, the reports are coming that New South Wales state police are investigating the cause of the bushfire in south-western Sydney as they already in talkative terms with local people. The first priority is controlling the fire so they can investigate the case further. Also, the sources are saying that the massive fire started on Saturday afternoon amid unseasonably warm autumn weather and strong winds, with suspicions it was deliberately lit.

Even though everyone is safe but still blaze has burnt through more than 2,430 hectares (6,005 acres) including some locals evacuated from their homes. Also, the official said that some locals evacuated from their homes, no properties were known to be lost and that’s good news in the situation. Overall, the damage will become out of the control but still, nothing bad happened.

Also, the state’s acting Emergency Services Minister Mark Speakman said, “It is absolutely miraculous that we have not lost any lives and virtually no property and this are because of the hard work and dedication and heroism of our fire services.”

Some reports are claiming that the situation is under control and NSW Rural Fire Service Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons said that fences and a children’s playhouse caught in the fire’s advance but expect these things nothing big or unexpected happened. Also, the conditions had improved Monday as winds eased, with firefighters working to slow the spread of the flames.