Tamil Movie Natpathigaram 79 2nd Day Box Office Collection Total Kamai

Tamil Movie Natpathigaram 79 2nd Day Box Office Collection Total Kamai : Tamil movie Natpathigaram 79 is something that can attract youth because this movie is all about friendship and love and that’s what I like about the movie also this movie has something that is able to creating buzz and that is the good direction by the director of this movie.


Natpathigaram 79 2nd Day Box Office Collection

I think people who watched this movie giving good reviews and that was fabulous for the makes. Natpathigaram 79 is produced by D.Ravikumar and by and directed by Ravichanthiran Love and friendship has been the most used ingredients in Tamil cinema over generations.

The film titled after the chapter about friendship in Thirukkural obviously has a lot to do with friendship and love, which was evident from the trailers also. People who love watched this movie pushing their friends to watch this and that’s cool.

First day collection of this movie-

Natpathigaram 79 is opened with decent opening and the way this movie going in first day was good because this movie is not the only release in this week in Tamil Cinema. People loving this movie because of the uniqueness and simplicity and I think this movie is way better than other release.

If I talk about the first day first collection of the movie then I can say that this movie is earned good earnings for the makers and that’s pretty cool. Somehow this movie collected in between 0.96 Crore and that’s pretty cool for the makers.

Better writing could have placed ‘Natpadhigaram 79’ in the list of memorable Tamil films on friendship and love. Still it is not a letdown and can be given a go with your friends or loved ones and this movie is surely one time watch movie you can go and watch it.

If I predict about the second day collection than I can say that this movie is going to be good in upcoming days also this movie is going to collect between 0.75 Crore in 2nd day of release and that’s going to be good deal for the makers.

Upcoming weekend result of this movie will be posted soon and also we are going to talk about the performance of this movie in upcoming days till now if you are waiting for the movie than go and watch it because surely this movie is not going to be your worst deal.