Tamil Nadu 12th Class Student Stuck in Rocks While Trekking!

Tamil Nadu 12th Class Student Stuck in Rocks While Trekking! :- In Chennai, Tamil Nadu 12th class student who went for the trekking with his friends got stuck in very miserable. As per the reports, this teenager boy got stuck between rocks and he was there with the painful position until 4 hours in a hill in Tiruttani, 80 km from the city on Thursday. Even the sources are saying that the boys bunked the school and went for the tracking without even telling anyone. Overall, the good news is he is rescued and now his leg is free from the trap.

The proper news is coming out from the sources where they are saying that the student V. Rocky is a resident of Keezhandur village in Tiruvallur district.  On Thursday, Rocky along with two of his friends bunked school and went on a trek to a hill near the Tiruttani Murugan temple. After a while of tracking his leg got stuck between rocks for four hours.  His friends are saying that Rocky lost balance and fell in between two rocks.

Tamil Nadu 12th Class Student Stuck in Rocks

Also, the N. Baskaran, Station Fire Officer, Tiruttani said that “His legs got stuck under the rocks. His friends managed to lift off one of the rocks. But, they couldn’t push the other rock away,” Reports are saying that the incident took place around 11 30 am. After making futile attempts to move the rocks, the other boys climbed down the hill to seek help as there were no other people on the hill except them.

Fire personnel said that by the time they received an alert, it was 2.30 pm. “We tied a rope to the rock and pulled it away. Luckily, for the boy, he escaped with a swollen leg and didn’t suffer any fractures,” Baskaran said.  The boy was moved to the Government hospital for treatment, police said. Now the family and other members are there and they are taking care of the boy.