Tannu is Dead! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Tannu is Dead! KTPK Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki 22nd July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- Kasam which is a love story of Rishi and Tanu. These two lovebirds were together in their childhood and then meet again in their adult age and then separated again and will they able to complete heir love story in this human birth itself?


Kasam Tere Pyaar Ki Episode Written Updates

This show starts with Rishi and Tannu were celebrating and were cheering their life. Rishi put her hand on Tanu’s hand but Tanu does not like this as every other person was watching them.

And both were discussing what they have to eat. Tanu ordered some burgers and tea for both of them. Then, she taught him the local language of Mumbai and Rishi was just about to taught her but their order arrived and both were enjoying their food.

Rishi has last 100 Rs note with him and then, Tannu went to wash her hands. Suddenly, some goons arrived there and asked the Rishi to come with him as it is for money.

Rishi told him that he does not have a single money and thought that Pawan must have sent those goons to capture him.

Rishi throws the salt into the eyes of the goons but was helpless and finally was taken over by those goons.

Tannu saw hat goons had taken Rishi with them and she started screaming and shouting.

She ran towards them with a stick to beat those goons but failed t do so and she was also get captured along with the Rishi.

On the other side, Bebe was seen telling UV and Manpreet that Raj asked Rishi to bring Tannu home like Lord Ram had brought the Sita home.

Meanwhile, Divia called UV and asked him to talk to his son. Bebe got excited about knowing that child has started talking and the child speaks clearly hello.

On the other side, Raj received a call from a goon and they told him that his son and his future daughter in law are with them. They demanded a lump sum of 2 crores rupees in exchange for his son and daughter in law.

Goons also told Raj not to inform the police, as if he will try to do contact Police they will kill his son. Raj accepted their proposal and agreed to pay 2 crores rupees.

Bebe listened the whole conversation of Raj with the goons and started crying. Raj calms her down and promised her that he will bring both Rishi and Tannu home safely.

On the other side, Tanu was arguing with the goons and Rishi was still unconscious. Goons took the tanned for molestation.

Meanwhile, Raj wakes up and cuts his rope with a piece of glass and went to the room where goons and taken Tannu and then he locked the goons and both hurry up from that place.

On the other side, Swati told Bani that what they will do now. Also, Guljeet and Bani were upset because now their dream of visiting the USA was canceled.

But Swati told Neha that she has many boys behind her. Neha was really upset with the Raj’s curse and she promised to destroy the life of Raj.

She called Sandy, who was bringing her sister in law for the delivery of her baby. Neha asked him to visit his house.

Meanwhile, Tanu and Rishi was riding a bike and rishi stops the bike and asked the Tanu to not worry about this as he will take acre of everything.

Tanu was really scared about the Rishi as she does not want anything to happen him. The Tanu asked her to call Raaj.

Rishi called Raj and told him that he and Tanu are both fined and had escaped from the goons. He also told her that he had married Tanu.

Rishi told Raaj that this is not Tanu’s fault as he forced her to marry him and Raj replied him that” I have accepted Tanu and now you don’t need to worry about all this.

Raj also told him that, if Tanu would have told him that she was the daughter of his friend then, she would never have suffered all those struggles what she had done in the past.

Then, Raaj confirmed where Rishi and Tannu are. Rishi informed Raaj that, they both are in Veerat.

Raaj asked them to stay there as he will be there to bring them back to the home. On the other side, Sandy visited Neha’s house and point a gun at the Neha’s forehead.

Neha fooled him and told him that Raj was a flirty man and him missed him and molested him.

On the other side, Rishi and Tanu were really happy about their life. Rishi was excited to take Tanu to his house.

Tanu was saying him that ” she will always remain with him, if she will die, even then she will reborn to be the wife of Rishi”.

Rishi recorded every single word of Tannu. Although, Tanu was saying all these things but she was, again and again, thinking that why she is not happy at the bottom of her heart.

Meanwhile, Sandy was driving the car keeping in mind the desire to kill Rishi as he has molested Neha.

Tannu and Rishi was on the bike and Sandy saw them and turned his car and smashed their bike two times. Tanu and Rishi felt down.

Sandy came to them with a gun, Tanu was completely shocked with that and when Sandy was about to shoot the Rishi Tanu came between the Gun and Rishi.

Tanu was hit by the bullet and she passes away. Rishi hits Sandy and Tanu took her last breath

PRECAP OF 22nd July

Raj and his family will be shocked to see Rishi crying on the body of the Tanu. they all will mourn for the death of Tanu.