Special Episode! Tashan-E-Ishq 15th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Special Episode! Tashan-E-Ishq 15th September 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- Zee TV’s primetime daily soap Tashan-E-Ishq is coming to an end on 16 September 2016. The show is run for a year after its inception. As per the reports, the show will end on a happy note with Kunj and Twinkle’s (Jasmin Bhasin) will be seen together. Apparently, even Yuvi and Simple will end up together as we all know that they are seems to be impressed from each other.


Now the TV series Tashan-E-Ishq is all set to witness its grand finale to have the ultimate climax. In the upcoming episodes, it is yet to that Twinkle and Kunj’s wedding preparations are going on in full swing, during this time power of the house will be cut and Twinkle will be kidnapped.

Not to be surprising but the blame of the kidnapping of Twinkle will be going to Anita and Yuvi but Simple will be arrives there to save Twinkle. And it is it will be clearly depicts that Twinkle has been kidnapped by the no one else that same guy who supposed to be marry Twinkle.

Simple will be asked Yuvi and Kunj to save Twqinkle from the guy and they will be going to search Twinkle in the same locations where the guy suppose to keep Twinkle. And it is the trio Simple, Yuvi and Kunj will be manages to bring Twinkle is the Sarna house safe.

After arrival Twinkle will be asked to her family that she teaches lesson already to the guy who kidnapped her. Simple’s family also surprised to know that the wedding between Simple and Yuvi was fake but now they will be getting married in real.

At last, Yuvi and Simple would confess their liking for each other and they will be seen proposing each other. Pallavi’s murder mystery is also solved and Yuvi say thanks to Simple as she helps him to solve the mystery.
Leela and Anita’s rivalry is also end and now the family is yet to live a happy life in the show obviously Tashan-E-Ishq. Stay tuned for more updates.

Zain Imam aka Yuvi shared a post on Instagram regarding the end of the TV show Tashan-e-ishq that, “On This auspicious day, it was also an end of #Tashan-e-ishq journey which lasted for more than a year. I was emotionally attached to it as it gave me a new lease of life”.

“But I am happy I was part of it from day 1 till the last dialogue I said on the last day of #tashaneishq #zeetv. I would wanna thank each one of you from the entire cast to all the fans across for giving unconditional love”, he added further.