Yuvi is injured! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates

Yuvi is injured! Tashan-E-Ishq 25th August 2016 Today Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Kunj telling Yuvi to send strong goons next times, as your goons told me everything. Kunj also told Yuvi that Twinkle supported him because he is true and someone Twinkle will come to know about the lie of him.

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Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Kunj collided with Twinkle and her books fell down. They look each other. Kunj thanks Twinkle for supporting him. Twinkle say she knew Kunj can never get down at such cheap level.

Yuvraj listens to all this and rang the lecture bell. Kunj says today lecture bell rang too early. Jassi comes there and asked twinkle that he will drop him. Twinkle says bie to Kunj and leaves.

Twinkle says Jassi (Yuvraj) that I did well to support Rocky as he did not deserve to get expelled. Jassi says even I am feeling bad as I had always misunderestimated him and now, he will try to be good with him. Twinkles thank him for being such a best friends.

Then, Twinkle told him that tomorrow is Rocky’s birthday and I want to do something special for him. Jassi replies her that he will surely help her. Jassi drops Twinkle and calls Pallavi. Then, he disconnects call and says I will make Kunj’s birthday special.

In the next scene, it’s midnight and Twinkle think of calling Kunj to wish him. On the other side, Kunj was waiting for the call of Twinkle. But, Twinkle feels hesitated to call Kunj.

Kunj calls Twinkle and told her that it was his birthday. Twinkle wishes him and asked to sleep as its midnight. Next morning, Leela think that its Kunj birthday and Twinkle must be feeling bad, I need to take her up for the shopping and she decided to make breakfast for her.

She went to her kitchen and saw Twinkle baking cake. Twinkle told her that she is making the cake for her best friend. Meanwhile, Kunj wakes her up and sees someone dropping lotus flower on him. He thinks it’s Twinkle but later discovers that she was Pallavi. Pallavi gave him a cake and wish him by kissing on her cheeks.

Then, Kunj went to Gurudwara for praying to god. His family members were with him. Kunj was also there and he put the oil on the stairs of the Gurudwara, so Kunj will fell and his leg will break and thus, he will not able to meet Twinkle.

Meanwhile, Twinkle was waiting for Kunj in college and think, he should have come here till now. When Kunj was going through stairs, he listens to the Yuvi’s ringtone and moves back.

It was Twinkle’s call and she asked Yuvi to give her cake to Kunj as a birthday gift. Mrs Sarla calls Kunj and he escaped to fall from stairs. But, Kunj fell down on the oils stairs. He then thinks this pain is nothing in front of the pain I am about to give to Kunj.


In the upcoming episode, Yuvi is lying injured outside the college, Twinkle runs to him and says Jassi are you fine? She turns him towards herself and his fake beard comes off, she sees it and says Yuvi? Jassi is Yuvi? Kunj sees all this, Twinkle is hurt seeing it.