Pallavi Going To London! Tashan-E-Ishq 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates

Pallavi Going To London! Tashan-E-Ishq 27th July 2016 Episode Written Updates :- In Zee TV’s prime time soap opera, Tashan-E-Ishq, Twinkle (Jasmin Bhasin) and Yuvi (Zain Imam) are leaving no stones unturned to prove that Rocky is no one else, in fact he is Kunj! Till now, all their plans have had no effect on Rocky (Naman Shaw) aka Kunj.

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

Tashan-E-Ishq Episode Written Updates

This is so as Rocky aka Kunj hates Twinkle and now he is having only single mission to see revenge from Twinkle for that he is getting support from Pallavi. Pallavi is also in mood to separate Kunj from Twinkle as she falls in love with Kunj now.

In the last night episode of the TV series Tashan-E-Ishq it has been shown that Twinkle freely insults her family members. She also invites her friends’ to come home where she orders Usha, Manohar and Bebe to serve tea and snacks.

Rocky, aka Kunj, is shocked at Twinkle’s changed behaviour, but does not show any emotion to her. She purposely busy treating ill to Usha as she hopes that when she will behave badly with Usha being a son Rocky will react against of it if he is Kunj as Kunj can’t tolerate humiliation of his mom.

But all efforts of Twinkle go in vain as Rocky did not react with it. High voltage melodrama is waiting in the TV series to showcase for you in which it will reveal finally that Rocky is actually Kunj.

As per the latest spoiler, Kunj will get to know the truth about Twinkle and Yuvi’s relationship; afterward he will reveal his identity in front of the saran family.

Usha is overwhelmed to know that her sobn Kunj is alive and she shows her desire to get Twinkle married with Kunj, she also humbly requested Yuvi to separate from Twinkle also to break their wedding. Yuvi gives nod so he distances himself from Twinkle.

But Leela is in no mood to separate Yuvi from Twinkle as they are couple and now they come close, Kunj is in mission to win Twinkle’s trust again as he want her to be his life partner.

He is now aware of it that Twinkle got married to Yuvi as for her it was a compromise but she loves him only which makes Kunj happy.

Twinkle feels upset as nobody is keen to know what Twinkle’s choice is, she wonder that people should asked to her that with whom she need to be together Kunj or Yuvi.

It will be interesting to see whom Twinkle will be chosen as life partner, Kunj or Yuvi. Is Twinkle will choose Kunj over Yuvi, or she will be with Yuvi. Stay tuned for more updates of the daily soap Tashan-E-Ishq.