Twinkle Says Kunj! Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates

Twinkle Says Kunj! Tashan-e-Ishq 2nd August 2016 Episode Written Updates :- The show starts with Kunj asking Twinkle will our relation be like earlier? will you marry me again? Meanwhile, Yuvi reached there and told Kunj that you are asking baseless questions to Twinkle as everyone knows Twinkle loves only and only you.


Tashan-e-Ishq Episode Written Updates

He also told Kunj “only Twinkle got to know that you are Kunj, even your family didn’t recognize you but she just knew that you are her Kunj and she will only remain your”. Twinkle looks at Yuvi emotionally.

Then, Yuvi asked them to come home. Then, he and Twinkle supported Kunj as h trips due to being drunk. They both went in the car to reach their house, Yuvi was driving the car, Kunj was sitting in the backseat and Twinkle was in the passenger’s seat.

Twinkle was looking at Yuvi and was thinking ” why I couldn’t answer Kunj? I should have been going crazy due to happiness as Kunj returns after long 5 years but then why this restlessness?

Then, three of them reached the home and Usha asks what happened to him? Yuvi told them that he is sleeping, everyone thanked Yuvi, he smiles at them but he was sad and Twinkle notices that.

Yuvi told Twinkle that ” you must be tired, so take rest and brings shawl and drapes around her. He says you didn’t eat anything so, let me bring something to eat for you.” Yuvi leaves from there, but Twinkle sees silhouette behind the window and gets sacred and Yuvi came there and calmed her doing.

On the other side, Kunj wakes up, he has a headache and Twinkle was standing there and gave Kunj a glass of water. Kunj apologizes to Twinkle for leaving her for 5 years.

But Twinkle shouted on him for leaving her alone for 5 years. She also told Kunj that I can not forgive you even though, if I want to and your sorry won’t change anything, time was lost will not a comeback, our child won’t come back, where did that trust go? Twinkles leave the room and left Kunj in tears.

Twinkle says to Leela that why this happens with me? why my happiness get destroyed? she hugs her. On the other side, Kunj reached his old room and sees a toy for babies there and cursed him for having with Twinkle at the time, when she really needs him.

Yuvi was also seen said in his room and was seen hugging Twinkles pictures. Next morning, Kunj Usha arranges a party for Kunj as he returns after 5 years. Kunj went to inform Twinkle about this but she leaves the room.

In the next scene, Usha and Kunj were seen in part and Usha was introducing his son to everyone. Soon, Twinkle comes there wearing saree and Yuvi and Leela also comes there. Usha is tensed to see Yuvi and Leela in the party.

Then, ‘Ishq Wala love’ song plays dance started and Host brings Twinkle and Kunj on the dance floor. Twinkle and Kunj start dancing and keep looking at each other, Kunj hugs her and dances closely with her, Twinkle feels tensed,

Meanwhile, Yuvi was dancing with other girls but continuously looking at Twinkle. Then, the couple exchanged and Twinkle and Yuvi come together for a dance, everyone gets little tensed, Twinkle dances with Yuvi.

Usha is not pleased with it and when the dance of Twinkle and Yuvi gets over, everyone started questioning who is the real husband of Twinkle? Yuvi or Kunj?

Then, Yuri loses his tempered and answered a lady that ” Twinkle was and is Kunj’s wife. My and Twinkle’s marriage was just compromised, I used to take care of her like other people never let girl live alone,

We didn’t have any relation and we were only friends, still are and today want to say in front of everyone that Twinkle is totally pure and only Kunj has right on her. Twinkles look at Yuvi emotionally.


In the upcoming episode, Twinkle will tell Kunj ” that did you see because of your stupid decisions fingers are pointed at me and my relations. Kunj will ask her to give one chance and I will set everything right, I will not give a chance to complain.