Shocking Twist! Tashan-E-Ishq 7th September 2016 Written Episode Updates

Shocking Twist! Tashan-E-Ishq 7th September 2016 Written Episode Updates :- The show starts with everyone watching the TV at Sarna house. The whole Sarna family watches tv and at the news channel, a reporter says Rocky denied to accept Pallavi but their MMS has been leaked.



Everyone watches Kunj and Pallavi’s MMS and they all got shocked. Meanwhile, Kunj, Twinkle and Yuvi came there. Manohar asked Kunj what is this? Twinkle told everyone that this is Pallavi’s trick and she asked Pallavi how she can go down such a low level?

Pallavi says no girls want to display her intimate scene to world and the man in the video is Kunj. She told everyone that, Kunj was very upset after seeing Twinkle and Yuvi getting married and he came to me and we got intimate.

Babee asked Kunj about Video. Kunj says me was hurt and drunk, I just remember that I meet Pallavi and don’t remember what happened after that. Babee slaps Kunj.

Twinkles blame herself for this situation and asked Kunj to marry. Twinkle runs from that place. Kunj told Pallavi that it is his moral duty to marry you. I will marry you. Pallavi get glad and Kunj leaves from there.

Kunj went to meet Twinkle on the terrace. Kunj says that you gave me the signal and then, I understood that you want me to lie to Pallavi that I will marry you. Twinkle says I trust you and now we need to find out a way to get the real face of Pallavi in front of everyone and we will cross this problem of our life together. They hug each other.

In the next scene, Babee asked Kunj why he is marrying Pallavi. Kunj told Babee that this is his moral duty towards Pallavi. Pallavi came there and asked Kunj to get engaged her tonight.

Leela received call and Babee inform her about Kunj’s engagement with Pallavi. Then, at night everyone gathered for Kunj and Pallavi;s engagement. A twinkle came there and asked Kunj how he can forget her? Kunj says you asked me to get married. Pallavi interrupted and asked guards to throw Twinkle out of the party. Kunj felt bad and goes out of the part to check Twinkle.

Kunj hugs Twinkle and says I will not leave Pallavi. Twinkle says I don’t care what she did with me because we both are together. Kunj came there and slaps. He threatened Kunj and Twinkle that he will tell everything to Pallavi. Kunj gave a punch on Yuvi’s head and he gets unconscious. Then, Twinkle and Kunj tied him to a chair in other room.

Kunj came back to part and talks to Pallavi. He received a call and talks to Twinkle. He asked Twinkle to get ready as ring ceremony is about to began. When he cuts the call and turned back, he got shocked to see Pallavi standing there.


In the upcoming episode, Kunj and Pallavi were about to get marry. Twinkle will com there and will say if, I and Kunj cannot live together but we can die together. Twinkle stab Kunj with the fake knife and everyone looks shocked. Kunj will fall down with blood all over the place.