Tashan-E-Ishq Spoiler! Twinkle Locked In A Room With Kunj

“Tashan-E-Ishq” which has seen a TRP raiser for the Zee Tv is going through a special phase. As the regular followers of this show know that Kunj has returned in Twinkles life, but in the gap of six years, Twinkle married Yuvi.


The return of Kunj in their life created a serious chaos in the life of Twinkle as she has to choose one from Kunj and Yuvi. With both, Yuvi and Kunj proposing her and asking her to feel their love and choose one.

Meanwhile, when Yuvi and Kunj were thinking about their chances to make a return in the life of Twinkle. But, Twinkle decided which has unthinkable, Twinkle ditched both Kunj and Yuvi and decided to focus on her career and went to college to get a higher education.

Although, she thinks that she will concentrate after enrolling her name in the college, but she was wrong as Yuvi and Kunj also joined the college in order to close with her.

Kunj joined the Twinkle’s college same college as a boxing coach, in order to get in touch with his love lady Twinkle. On the other side, Yuvi also joined college and why not? He has done quite weird stuff in past for Twinkle.

And this time, Yuvi become an innocent Sardar calls himself Jassi and become the friend of Twinkle as she failed to recognize him. In the last episode, we witness that Jassi was bullied by seniors but Twinkle came there and helped him.

Meanwhile, Kunj watch all these and though to make Jassi strong and he was forcing him to be strong, but Twinkle came there and stops Kunj from doing all these none sense stuff.

Kunj was not aware the fact that Jassi is none other than Yuvi, but he doubts that Yuvi will definitely do something to get close with Twinkle.

In the upcoming episode, we will see that a Salsa competition will be organized in the college and Jassi and Twinkle will go in the competition.

And later, Yuvi and Twinkle will get locked in a room? But who locked them inside? Will Twinkle be able to recognize in getting the real face of Jassi?

Well, all these questions will be answered on the next episode of Tahsan-E-Ishq.