Task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 10th July 2016 Episode Conflict Martina Thariyan & Shreeradhe Video

Task! MTV Splitsvilla 9 10th July 2016 Episode Conflict Martina Thariyan & Shreeradhe Video :- The love based TV show MTV Splitsvilla 9 last night episode was all about the conflict in which it is shown argument happened between Martina Thariyan & Shreeradhe; eventually it is shown that Akhil gets dumped from the villa as girls were not impressed with him much.


MTV Splitsvilla 9 10th July 2016 Episode

In the meantime, it is also showcase on the previous episode of the MTV Splitsvilla 9 that the evicted participant including Karan Chabbra and Karan Khanna are the comeback in order to emerge as the winner on this love-war based show MTV Splitsvilla 9.

These days the TV show MTV Splitsvilla 9 is getting hotter. The show is known for its controversial content and in the show the players developed their love connections with their partner. Obviously due to its unusual concept the show witness some unexpected connections happening in the villa. With the entry of Shreeradhe in the villa as the wild card princess, the game changed a lot. Her comeback gives her lot of power by which she is having right even to evict someone from the villa.

Now Shreeradhe is having fight and conflict with the Queen Martina Thariyan of the Splitsvilla 9 on some unknown reason. Shreeradhe’s some of the gestures’ simply rejected by the queen which is criticised by Shreeradhe.

Shreeradhe brought Karan Chabbra back in the villa with her and Karan’s popularity is not much in the house, even Kavya rightly said and consider him, ‘the villain of the villa is back’. So comeback of the Karan is not much appreciable for the girls of the villa.

Actually Karan Chabbra was dumped by the Queen was his dirty comments on the princesses of the house and Shreeradhe has definitely invited trouble by getting him back on the game. Yesterday night on the game called Ek Honey Do Cornie a major twist introduced as in this challenge the Queen got to know about the twist and turn which was just epic. So the real war between Martina and Shreeradhe started and now these two girls will be compete to win the Queen’s throne of the show Splitsvilla 9 and for that they can go in any level.

Throwing light on the honey-cornie challenge will be beneficial for the girls as on this challenge by giving best performances they can have the golden bracelet and the golden bracelet gone to Kavya, Shreeradhe and Isha.

Eventually, on the dumping ground, Sunny Leone and Ranvijay Singh are yet to share something scary for the boys which will be giving them sweat definitely. The scary stuff will be revealing tonight on the show and on the dumping ground, Karan and Nick are going to have an argument which will turn out to fight.

These three princesses are going to save three princes of the Villa that include, Shreeradhe saved Karan Chabbra, Kavya saved Archie and Isha saved Karan Khanna. And Akhil will be have to leave the show as the Queen will be seen dumping him as this time on the show Splitsvilla 9 there is tagline – Where Women Rule.