Taylor Wilbur Tallent Cause of Death? TikToker and MMA Fighter From Suicide, Obituary

Here, we are going to share the death details of Taylor Wilbur Tallent who recently passed away. It is said that he tragically died by suicide and left his loved ones in deep sorrow. He was a resident of Acworth, Georgia, and was mostly known as a TikToker and MMA fighter. He is based in Savannah, Georgia, and recently, he faced serious legal troubles and it may linked to his death. Lots of questions are arriving in the people’s minds who are hitting the search engine to know more, so we made an article and shared all the details in this article.

Taylor Wilbur Tallent Cause of Death

There is an investigation that began after his passing and the the authorities are continuing to fetch the exact details. Recently in April 2023, he faced legal troubles when he was charged with several sexual offenses. He was involved in a minor in Chatham County and charged with multiple s*xual offenses. Now, it is coming forward that he committed suicide and lost his life by apparent suicide. He was also arrested and booked into the Chatham County jail on charges of Aggravated Sodomy. It refers to committing sodomy with force and against a person’s will, or if the person is under 10 years old.

Taylor Wilbur Tallent Cause of Death?

He was an active user of social media and was most popular for his influencer status on TikTok. Before the allegations of April 2023, he was involved in a fight in 2020. He made headlines by challenging the head coach and owner of Champions Training Center (CTC) in Savannah in 2020. He was showcasing his active presence in both the social media and MMA spheres. Now, he again gathering attention because of his passing but not many details have been shared related to his demise. Some details remain to share with you, so scroll down this page and continue your reading.

His death news was announced and confirmed by his family members. He died at the age of 24 years this weekend but the exact date of his passing is not revealed yet. His death broke the hearts of his loved ones and many are mourning his loss. The cause of his death is not publicly announced but some sources claim that he killed himself as well as committed suicide. The investigation is underway and our sources are also on the way to gain more details. We will update our article after getting more details. Stay linked with to read more articles.

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