Team Challenge! MasterChef India Season 5 30th October 2016 Hd Video! Interesting Task!

Team Challenge! MasterChef India Season 5 30th October 2016 Hd Video! Interesting Task! :- The cooking reality TV show Master Chef India Season 5 last night episode was Diwali special chapter in which the cooks need to do something interesting and crucial which will be making the festival of Diwali the special one for the panel judges team as well as for the participants’.


This week the cooking show is having a concept to feed the men in uniform mean to police where the makers of the show give a challenge to them which is to present an interesting delicious cuisine to the Mumbai Police in order to make their Diwali the special one!

The Maharashtra Police training center is the venue for the Master Chef contestants anyway that is why the Chefs get a chance to cook an appetizing meal for the cadets. Which team will impress the cadets with their culinary skills it is yet to find out in this article.

It is in 2 Hours the both Red Team and Blue Team get a chance to prepare delicious dishes for the Maharashtra police and the panel judge team also asked to them that the both of teams need to produce unique cuisines.

One of the Panel Judge members Kunal Kapoor wrote on his official page of the micro blogging site on yesterday that, “Cooking for 100 people can be as difficult as cooking for 1 person. Our teams are learning this. #MasterChefIndia @StarPlus”

One of the most amazing cook Sreelaxm was there but no team captains selected Sreelaxmi! Will their decision act as a benefit or create troubles for the home cooks as she is the just superb cook of the show anyway. She was having the only single job to prepare Puri there in her individual kitchen.

The Blue Team was there to prepares popular Maharashtrian dish Shrikhand and The Red Team was about to prepares Sandesh but when one of the participants’ fail to prepares soft Chena she prepares instead Mango Milk Payesh which actually liked by the Police Team.

For the both cuisines,to’ the special guest Police Team give 7 Points for The Blue Team for their dish Shrikhand and 13 Points to The Red Team for their dish Mango Milk Payesh. But still The Blue Team is leading as in the previous episodes they perform up to the mark anyway.

Tonight interesting challenge is there waiting for the budding cooks in the cooking reality TV show Master Chef India Season 5 which is yet very difficult challenge but still they need to perform so well on it as it will be based on the basis of tonight performance to make reach in the further round for the participants.