Techfest India 2018; Know more about events, history, significance

Techfest India 2018; Know more about events, history, significance: Techfest is going to begin at 9:00 am on Friday, 14 December 2018 and will end on Sunday, 16 December 2018. It will be organised at Indian Institute of Technology Bombay, Mumbai. Techfest is a platform through which students/scientist display and witness the combination of science and technology with enthusiasm. Techfest appeared to be Asia’s Leading Science and Technology Festival, a collection of scientific philosophy and invention.

It was firstly observed in 1998 as a department festival. For the past 20 years Techfest has assisted to be the idyllic destination for the optimistic future vision to learn, generate and practice the beauty of technology.

The fest addressees more than 1, 75,000 people and is considered one of the biggest college get-togethers across the continent. Techfest offers platform for one and all to observe one of the most beautiful and revolutionary consolidations of science and technology with pure enchantment, eagerness and excitement. Techfest held exhibition of inspiring speeches, art skills and technology, great competitions and magnificent performances for its audience.

Techfest History

Techfest was started back in 1998 with the purpose of providing a platform to the Indian students to grow, become advance and also to showcase their technical ability. With the passage of time, it has now reached to the level of Asia’s Largest Science and Technology Festival with 1.75 lakhs in its newest edition. The events conclude in a grand and outstanding three day festival event in the IIT Bombay campus which appeals to people from all over the globe, together with students, academic circles, corporates and the common public.

Techfest Events

There are various events that are held on Techfest and these events are:

  • Competitions

Competitions are held where more than 30,000 participants take part in this event. The participants are from more than 20 countries all around the world and the winner gets the grand prize.

  • International Robowars

More than 300 participants around the world take part in International Robowar event and the one who wins the competition gets a grand prize of approx. INR 1 Million.

  • Workshops:

Workshops play a significant part in accomplishing Techfest, IIT Bombay’s idea of making the students aware of the latest technology with face to face encountering the new technology around the world and its working.

  • Technoholix

Technoholix is the techno-cultural part of Techfest which involves professional shows and spectacular performances by biggest artists around the world.

  • E-Sports

E-Sports tournament are also held in Techfest where more than 170 teams as well as over 1000 players participate in this event. Also, there is a cash prize for the winner too.

  • Exhibitions

Exhibitions provide a perfect platform to decrease the gap among the technology in today’s world as well as the general public in India. Every year Exhibition has fascinated people by showcasing advanced and modern technologies in the world.

  • Ideate

Here, the young generation with new ideas or startups ideas are considered which can change and improve the social and industrial problems.

  • Lectures

Lectures are given by proficient persons around the world in order to guide the students about the importance of technologies and also make them aware about the latest technology.

  • Smart City Challenge

Smart City Challenge was an initiative to develop new smart cities to involve the youth of the country in its development. This idea was encouraged by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi whose main idea was to develop 100 new smart cities to make the youth work for their cities development.

  • Summit

An International summit held in Techfest for two days. It focused on startup ideas, understanding why technology is important and how business will be affected with the advancement as well as adoption of technologies around the world.

  • Ozone or On the Spot Zone

Ozone or ‘On the Spot Zone’ is the fun part of Techfest. It is the place to move around for all the festive enthusiasm for the event. It was first started in 2006 and now it has proved to be an essential part of Techfest from the past few years.