TED 2 Movie (WTP) World TV Television Premiere On Sony Pix Date Time Details

TED 2 Movie (WTP) World TV Television Premiere On Sony Pix Date Time Details :- This Sunday will be the full of entertainment for the lovers of the Hollywood movies as the channel of Hollywood movie, “Sony Pix” will telecast the blockbuster movie of Hollywood “Ted 2” on September 18, 2016, at 1 Pm and 9 PM.


Ted 2 is the sequel to the 2012 released movie Ted. It is directed by famous Hollywood director Seth MacFarlane and is written by Seth MacFarlane, Alec Sulkin, and Wellesley Wild. Mark Wahlberg will be seen in the lead role in this movie.

The “Ted 2” revolves around the story of the Ted who want to have a baby with her partner Tami-Lynn. Ted took help of his dear friend John Bennett to solve his problem. John and Ted together look for the sperm donor who can donate sperm for Ted’s girlfriend Tami-Lynn.

But, it was not easy for Ted and John to find out the Sperm donor. Later, John himself agreed to donate the sperm but due to the overdose of drugs, Ted’s girlfriend was not able to sustain a bay in her body.

Later, Ted and Tami-Lynn decided to adopt a baby for them, but the twist in the movie came when the court denies this proposal of Ted because the court thinks Ted is a property, not a person.

Then, John along with Ted decided to case a legal file in court to prove Ted’s worth as a human being. Will Ted be able to adopt a baby or he will pe considered to be only as a property? All these questions will be answered on Sunday, 18 September on Sony Pix at 1 PM.

Well, if you are a Ted lover and Mark Wahlberg’s fan then it will be the perfect opportunity for you to enjoy the spend your weekend with John and Ted and experience the unmeasured amount of comedy.