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The breaking and shocking news of the time is that a high school hockey player from New Canaan in Connecticut passed away on the mid-noon of  Thursday after a crash with another player throughout the game. The deceased is identified as Teddy Balkind of St. Luke’s School sophomore and was a fellow of the junior of school varsity hockey team who died on the night of Thursday after a game which he played with the Greenwich’s Brunswick School. The Teddy Balkind Video is circulated on the internet where it is clearly seen that the accident was too serious and dangerous which hurts the player a lot and he died on the spot. During the game, the incident has happened and then, the rescue crew rushed to the spot to save the player from the injuries he got during the game but the injuries were too harsh and serious by which he lost his life and passed away to another world. Be with our page to grasp all the details and information about the accident.

Teddy Balkind Video,

As per the reports of the popular and veteran news channel, the player named Balkind slipped to the ice at some moment throughout the game and the different players, incapable to stop which results in the collision with the player. During the clash, the neck of Balkind was mistakenly sliced by a skate. The player was quickly provided with medical aid by the crew medical staff before taking him to the Greenwich Hospital and in the hospital, he was under the observance of the doctors who declared him dead.

Teddy Balkind Video

The medical staff and the doctors in which he was under observance attempted their best to rescue him from the injuries but the injuries hurt the players a lot and they try to fix their necks but he suffered a lot of bleeding which results in the death of the player. The investigator and the police with the emergency services reached the spot and started investigating the cause of the incident for finding out what actually happened at the spot during the game.

St. Luke comes with an official statement about the whole matter is that “Yesterday, we lost a precious young man in a tragic Teddy Balkind Video accident ” and in addition to this, they stated that Both St. Luke’s School and Brunswick School are in shock as we work to support our students and families. All his close ones and his teammates started giving him homage and respect through many mediums and mourns his death.

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