Teenagers Shot & Killed Gunned Down While Playing Pokemon Go in Guatemala

Teenagers Shot & Killed Gunned Down While Playing Pokemon Go in Guatemala :- Pokemon go had mixed reviews over the globe but it cannot be neglected that this game is a total disaster to some people in different places and once again it has proved. A teenager has been gunned down dead in which is not the first death resulting from the augmented reality game, Pokemon Go.

after he broke into a house in Chiquimula city

According to reports, 18-year-old boy Jerson Lopez de Leon was ambushed and gunned down while he was enjoying the game with his 17-year-old sibling Daniel Moises Picen. The two were searching for Pokemon as per the game on the streets in Chiquimula, 120 miles from Guatemala City.

While the motive for shooting the teenager is uncertain till now, the police force suspects that the game’s location features to attract its users to the particular spots in the town. These could be said as the form of PokeStops or a common indication as to where one might find Pokemon.

The two were roaming along a railway line when they were shot at. The force got almost 20 bullet casings at the scene of murder. They are searching for the occupants of an agricultural van that passed through the area to make out what happened, according to the report.

While the kinship between Pokemon Go and the death is yet being established, the game has caused a lot of loss already. People have sideslipped across dead bodies, been arrested for trespassing, tumble off cliffs, discourtesy war memorials and been lured by armed robbers through this game.

Recently, it has been slowing down due to the cyber crimes and glitches on the server.