Telangana 2nd, AP 4th most corrupt states: Survey Say

Telangana 2nd, AP 4th most corrupt states: Survey Say : Telangana is the second poorest performing regarding corruption sector of the state which is in availing public services, as per the study of the CMS-India Corruption Study 2018.

Telangana 2nd, AP 4th most corrupt states: Survey Say

This report released on the last Friday, which discovered and revealed that one of the developed state of the nation, Telangana, is the second corrupted state of the county.

On the other side, Andhra Pradesh has been ranked at number four in the corruption perception index anyway.

Alok Srivastava of CMS India told to the leading media portal, Times Of India: “This is the 12th round of the study. We have used different sub-indicators to arrive at a score. Tamil Nadu topped the table of corrupt states. The states with the high composite score are poor performing in the fight against corruption. These poor performing states, including Telangana and Andhra Pradesh, need better enforcement. Punjab and Gujarat are the other poor performing states. Rajasthan, Karnataka and Delhi have been identified as ‘moderate’ performers.”

The study also said, that the other states like Maharashtra, Delhi, Gujarat, Bihar, and Telangana have witnessed higher citizen activism, which also indicates their concentration towards their own states.

On the other side, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh and Madhya Pradesh have less activity of civil society fighting against corruption for their states reportedly.

During the study in Telangana, 73 percent of households stated that they had bribed officials for availing public services since, some earlier years.

Overall, also around 75 percent households in the whole, nations perceived that the level of corruption in public services has either increased or remained the same at the period of the previous years.

Though, when compared to 2005, households experiencing bribery even as availing public services has almost divided into two parts.

Transport, police, housing, land records, health, and hospital services are regarded as to be the most corrupt wings.

Fascinatingly seven percent of respondents told, as per various media reports that they bribed to get Aadhaar card, even as 3 percent said they bribed to procure voter ID card also.

“To get or renew a driving license, registering a complaint, registering an FIR, getting PDS ration card, admitting as inpatients, school admission and correction of inflated bills are specific services in which bribes were taken,” said Srivastava.

In Telangana, 40 percent feel that the Union government is dedicated to restricts the corruption in public services, but in AP, people said they have less confidence in the Union government regarding reducing the corruption in the state.