Telangana Liberation Day: TRS Says Bjp Has Selective Amnesia on Telangana Past

Telangana Liberation Day: TRS Says Bjp Has Selective Amnesia on Telangana Past :- On Saturday, BJP celebrated Telangana Liberation Day. But the ruling TRS accused it of selective amnesia and said that this political strategy to expand its presence would not work in the state.

TRS Lok Sabha member – Kalvakuntla Kavitha said that whenever the BJP feels that there is an opportune time, they always have the habit of raising communal issue. We had always said that this is a merger day, not a liberation day during the time of agitation.


BJP has been demanding that the Telangana Government officially celebrate the occasion as liberation day as Hyderabad State was liberated through police action on 17th September, 1948, more than a year after India got independence in 1947.

BJP considers the rule of Nizam in the erstwhile Hyderabad State as oppressive, autocratic and tyrannical and claims that during their period, Telugu language was discouraged as the medium of instruction in educational institutions.

Lok Sabha member Kavitha noted that the Central Government called it liberation, when Goa merged into India, while the Telangana erstwhile Hyderabad State operation in the year 1948 was termed as police action and they never said liberation of Telangana.

Kavitha asked that So, that jargon (liberation) was never used. And if you look at national perspective, India itself is union of many, many princely states, now you want to go back and celebrate, what exactly you are trying to achieve?.

She said that BJP only want to recall the 1948 incident, what about1952, 1969 and 2001?…. incidents of Telangana agitation, many, many kids were killed. In 1969, 369 kids were killed in police firing, BJP does not want to talk about it.

She further said that BJP-TDP government was in power. Certainly, BJP has a habit of selective amnesia, very comfortably, conveniently they pick and choose the facts. We only say it is a merger day. We always observed it as a merger day, we will continue to do so.

Lok Sabha member of TRS – Kavitha added that Politically it would not work, because BJP has negligible presence in Telangana. They have started to rake up this issue to increase their political visibility in Telangana. People do not have any sentiment towards this particular issue BJP is talking about, Congress or TDP does not talk about it.