Telangana: Man kills brother in presence of children’s

Telangana: Man kills brother in presence of children’s :- A fighter was mercilessly killed by his senior sibling after an inebriated squabble even as their youngsters viewed in Uppal on Wednesday night. Bandari Gangaratnam, a worker of the Survey of India, cut his more youthful sibling Havildar Bandari Yesu numerous circumstances out and about outside their home. The murder occurred as Yesu’s kids Resh-mama, 16, and Sandeep, 13, alongside Gangarat-nam’s kids Mounika, 12, and Manoj, 11, viewed.

Police said Gangaratnam, 42, and Yesu, 36, had acquired a 100-sq. yd plot in Seven Hills Colony in Uppal in 2006 and constructed a house in 2008. Gangarat-nam possesses a house in Pad-mavathi Colony in Uppal. Hav. Yesu would visit home once per year, and his sibling would deal with both the families. Three years prior, Hav. Yesu had proposed offering their home and part the benefit, to which Gangaratnam did not concur.

Man kills brother in presence of children’s

Hav. Yesu had gotten back home on August 13. On Wednesday, the siblings and their youngsters were at the Seven Hills Colony house, while whatever is left of the family was at the Uppal house. The youngsters were playing and the siblings sat down to drink alcohol. Throughout discussion, a squabble broke out between the two after which Gangaratnam brought a blade from the kitchen and cut Yesu five times in the stomach and the back, and fled. The two were in the city as of now.

The youngsters were playing in the house around then and hurried to separate the squabble, Hav. Yesu’s little girl Reshma said. They were forgotten about. At the point when Gangaratnam rose up out of the house with a blade, the kids attempted to stop him, however he debilitated them. “Resh-mama instantly called her mom however it was over before the family retur-ned,” said Vijay Bhaskar, Hav.