Telangana: Monkeys Crush 3-year-old To Death With a Boulder in Siddipet District

We are sharing with a heavy heart a piece of news which is from the Siddipet district of Telangana. An unfortunate incident took over the life of an innocent kid while playing in the courtyard of his house. The little boy was playing and a large stone fell on his head and the boy died at once on the spot. The painful tragedy devastated his family completely. The parents of the little kid are utterly shattered by the unfortunate incident. The boy’s name was Abhinav as per our reports. It has been reported that monkeys on the roof were playing. We are going to share more details about the incident on the next page. Be with us.

Monkeys Crush 3-year-old

The horrifying incident occurred in Katkur village of Akkanapet Mandal of Siddipet district of Telangana. The details which we have received are, Abhinav Devunuri was the son of Srikanth and Rajitha was playing outside the house and his mother was near him. At the same time, some monkeys came on the roof and started jumping over it. The mother went to the kitchen to drive the monkeys out as the way towards the roof was through the kitchen. As the roof was of a tin shed, the family had placed some rocks on the shed to prevent it from blowing away due to wind.

Monkeys Crush 3-year-old To Death

The kid was alone in the courtyard. While the mother was trying to push the monkeys out, a relatively big rock moved and fell down. It fell directly on the boy’s head and fractured the head. The boy died on the spot. The mother has not come to her senses yet. The villagers are saddened and shocked by the tragic incident. As the boy met previously also with a scary incident, the tragedy is heartbreaking. Scroll down to know about the previous accident with the little boy.

The villagers told that around six months ago, Abhinav was playing and slipped in the home over a sharp knife, due to which his throat was pierced. That time was also very hard for the parents as they rushed the boy to the hospital and the poor parents spent at least 5 lakh rupees on his throat surgery. The kid was almost in his recovery phase and again the unfortunate tragedy took away the boy from his parents. The parents are heartbroken as they are recalling their efforts to recover the boy. The villagers are trying to console the couple. The villagers also complained to the authorities, they demanded many times that they are fed up with the monkey menace every other day in the village. Our prayers are with the poor child. Stay tuned……

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