Telangana Police: Gangster Nayeem Used Children As Human Shields

Telangana Police: Gangster Nayeem Used Children As Human Shields :- The Child Welfare Committee and Police have confirmed that gangster Nayeemuddin used adolescent girls and children as human shields.

Around 18 children – 9 from Cyberabad and 9 from Mahbubnagar who were rescued in the past three days, have been lodged at the homes of child welfare. But the children have not said anything so far about the sexual abuse by Nayeemuddin.

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According to the members of Child Welfare Committee that there is no evidence that gangster Nayeemuddin was a paedophile. The police officer said that the sexual abuse angle is still being probed.

Sunpreet Singh who is DCP at Shamshabad said that We have rescued 9 children and adolescent girls from the Nayeemuddin’s house at Alkapuri. No children or girls were found at his Goa guesthouse. When asked about the sexual abuse angle, Mr Singh said that We are still probing it.

SP Rema Rajeswari said that 9 children including girls were rescued from the Millennium Township house where Nayeem was taking shelter. I have not got a chance to meet and talk to the kids yet. I have heard that the officials of CWC have spoken to the children. The police have started working on the sexual exploitation angle. The SIT will take it up.

Ranga Reddy said that Child Welfare Committee authorities have recorded the statements of the 9 children. The CWC chairperson Ms V. Padmavati refused to comment on the issue right now.

CWC chairperson G. Chandrasekhar said that None of these nine kids were employed by Nayeem in Mahbubnagar. There is an infant of 40 days to a 17-year-old girl among those rescued. There is only one boy out of the nine children. The rescued children are not revealing anything right now because they are still in feared of Nayeemuddin. All the rescued children had different relations at different times with gangster Nayeemuddin. We are trying to spend more time with the children.

Mr. Chandrashekhar said that they are not tribal girls. They belong to a minority community. They said that they all belong to the Bhongir area and had come for some function to the house.