Telugu Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection

Telugu Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating | Hit or Flop | Box Office Collection :- The most awaited Telugu film are released on this Friday, July 1. The Tamil film who is Telugu dubbed film Darling 2 had been released in the cinemas today. The film which is promoted to be a horror film is directed by debutant filmmaker Sathish Chandrasekaran.

Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating

Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating

Darling 2 Movie Review & Rating


The film stars Kalaiyarasan performing the main actor role and the film is provided by K.E Gananavel Raja supporting the banner Rite Media Wall. The film had been dubbed into Telugu which had been delivered in cinema now. To prize the review, rating and answer towards the film check below,

Darling 2 Telugu Movie Cast and Crew

Darling 2 is the horror film, was approved a complete U certificate of the censor board. The film is delivered on 1st July 2016 in both the Telugu and Tamil states. Director Sathish Chandrasekaran has composed and directed the film.

The trailer of the flick has proposed the interest to see the film. K. E. Gnanavel Raja produced the film. The audience were impressed by watching this film. the Feedback of the audience was excellent.

Darling Movie Rating : 2.75 / 5***

Male Lead Roles:
Kalaiyarasan as Aravind
Rameez Raja as Krishna
Kaali Venkat as Rafi
Arjunan as Shankar
Hari as Balaji
Ramdoss as Valparai Varadha

Female Lead Roles:
Maya as Ayesha
Swetha Gupta

Other Details:
Release Date : 1st July 2016
Languages : Telugu and Tamil Screen
Time : 1 hr 58 minutes
Genre : Horror Certification : U
Darling 2 Movie Review and Rating also with the Live Updates:

Darling 2 is the horror film and it was delivered with a present moment reality. The film begins with a young girl becoming to recognize her parents going guided by a ghost.

The picture shifts to 5 friends who prepare a planning for a journey to Valparai. Aravind at first doubtful to perform succeeding noticed playing around with his buddies.

They progress mutually when one of his friends during removing up his room picture shocking things still refuses to say his friends as he would be harass.

They all produce Valparai and reach Valparai Varadhan that works tasks for them. Ayesha, beloved of their friend Ram makes them dinner. Suspicious circumstances happen and the friends believe it is Krishna.

sibling of theirs terminated friend Ram is checked. Following when they see the photograph taken they see Ram besides them. Immediately they understand that it is Ram who is in command of all the disturbing thoughts.

People travel to Aravind to make him know of Krishna, they get to understand that it is Aravind who is checked by Ram and none- Krishna.

Ram represents the story, saying that his friend Aravind supported him to get approval for Ram from his parents to marry his better half Ayesha. His parents did not take her as she is a Muslim.

Aravind Father Ram and Ayesha to visit at Valparai for some days and by suddenly his parents would accept. One day Ram’s parents get different competition plan for his marriage.

At extreme, Ram is leaving to get married to Ayesha or not is the film. The viewers can follow the film on big screen to reveal the suspense.

Darling 2 Movie Public Report and Box Office Collections:

The public was satisfied with the storyline of the movie. The film has taken the great response from the audience. Normally, the horror and indecision films have built latest trend behind Chandramukhi. Film collection is good. The ticket purchases were good for this flick.