Telugu Speedunnodu Movie Review & rating | Box Office Collection

Telugu Speedunnodu Movie Review & rating | Box Office Collection : “A man with the attitude and speed” is the English meaning of Speedunnodu and that describe a lot about movie. This movie is all about romantic-comedy and the melody of the songs you can here by the people. This movie directed by “Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao” starring “Bellamkonda Sreenivas” and “Sonarika Bhadoria” and movie is receiving mixed reviews by the audience. Tamannaah Bhatia made a special appearance in a song and that created a lot of buzz already the actor Sreenivas is coming again with his 2nd movie after “Alludu Seenu”

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Speedunnodu Movie Review & rating

Story based on:

Sreenivas is looking fabulous as a college student. In movie his character name is Shobhan. Shobhan is a nice guy like other youngsters and he goofs with his group of friends. And then he fall in love with Vasanthi (“Sonarika” actress of movie) but the girl rejected him now what happen next? The audience is saying the first half of movie was not well yeah but the 2nd half is quiet good. Sreenivas did good job and showing improvement in his 2nd film.

But the movie is not making sense a lot of time. People going bored in first half even the writer tried his best to entertain but it looking like ordinary script the direction work is good but some time it also bored the audience. Sonarika did the great job but in the starting of movie her makeup looks so odd even after the first half it look quite good.

Positive points of Speedunnodu –

  • Acting is quite good and maybe that can increase the audience.
  • Music is good not so good but it was well.
  • Better comedy and that can attract audience.


Negative point of Speedunnodu –

  • Writing work is not so well it’s just ordinary
  • Direction is ok-ok. Just some time it goes ordinary.
  • Entertainment movie but not have a big name


Final verdict- I think it’s a onetime watch movie don’t except lot from script. Acting is good even after first half you will enjoy it but nothing much on first half. Audience response is mixed like I told you before.


Movie:  Speedunnodu

Directed by: Bhimaneni Srinivasa Rao”

Produced by: Bheemaneni Suneetha, Bheemaneni Roshitha Sai

Star cast: Bellamkonda Sreenivas, Prakash Raj, and Sonarika Bhadoria

Music by: Sri Vasanth

Genre: Romantic-comedy

Rating: 2.5/5