How Does a Temp Agency Toronto Work for Employers and Employees?

There was a time when companies had to go through a long process to recruit workers or employees even for their short-term needs. They didn’t have no other option but to spend money on their HR departments to make them better and efficient in the respective tasks. But, nowadays, intelligence and creativity has changed everything. Businesses now have solutions to all recruiting problems, no matter how big or small they are. All they have to do is to find a trusted temp agency Toronto whose responsibility will be to search and screen job seekers based on their skills and the available job description.

Defining a Temp Agency

There are a lot of people who don’t know much about a temp agency Toronto. Also referred to as staffing agencies, these are small firms that work as an intermediary between the companies and job seekers. Their responsibility is to understand seasonal, temporary, temp-to-hire, part-time or full-time needs of the companies and find employees accordingly.

Some staffing agencies work as general entities for various fields and departments while some are niche or industry specific. Their job is to provide temp workforce to meet the targets.

Mechanism of Temp Hiring

A temp agency Toronto is different from a company’s HR department. Unlike this department, the agency used to handle the hiring, onboarding and firing procedure of temporary workers, meaning that the company’s HR department has nothing to do with the workforce coming or leaving them. There is an agreement between the agency and company to provide temporary workers for a certain time period.

The agency is also responsible to talk on behalf of the workers about work schedule, payment, benefits and other employment details. So, if any worker is not satisfied with the procedures or work environment, they can report to the agency at any time. Likewise, if the company is not getting the expected outcomes, then they can make an agreement with the agency to terminate workers right away.

Now, as far as commission of these agencies is concerned, it will be charged on the companies upon every successful hire. Workers are free from this payment.

Benefits of Hiring a Temp Agency

Even though temp agencies are still far from on-demand staffing platforms, they still offer a host of benefits to both parties i.e. workers and clients.

Here is why companies should hire them:

  • A temp agency Toronto makes some person responsible to hire, fire, cross check, screen and train candidates before employing at a particular position.
  • A full-service agency should be capable of delivering last-minute skilled workforce
  • They must take-off pressure from the HR department
  • Their recruitment services cost a fraction of whatever is charged by traditional recruiters

For employees:

  • Free skills training as per the industries or fields
  • Part-time, seasonal or full-time scheduling options
  • Availability of short-term jobs matching the skill sets
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Placements are done without charges
  • Chances of temp-to-hire employment


Just like everything, there are also some disadvantages of having temp agencies at service. They usually charge markups and add in workers’ hourly wages. While the rates may vary from one agreement to the other, it’s not possible to exceed 100 percent of the hourly fee.

There are also some agencies that keep some fees or charges hidden and mislead companies to agree on paying markups as they want. It is, therefore, recommended to all companies to always ask questions about additional fees in order to rest assured about not paying extra amount than it was agreed upon.

It is really unfortunate to mention that candidates also have to face some significant drawbacks with these agencies. Since most of them don’t have a certain level of autonomy, they will be placed on entry level positions. While this is a good start for many but, there are also a few who may deserve a better position than they are at the moment. Also, quite a few are lucky enough to get full-time general labor jobs Toronto, which also involves huge drawbacks in terms of no benefits like stock option, health insurance, retirement funds and the likes.


In summation, it can be said that a temp agency Toronto plays a significant role in allowing a company to find a good employee. However, companies have to be really careful and attention while appointing any of them for the services.