Tere Bin 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Vijaya scolds neeti

Tere Bin 18th October 2016 Episode Written Updates! Vijaya scolds neeti :- The last night episode of the TV series Tere Bin begins with the doctor asked Nandini and Akshay that now the treatment of the Vijeta has been done so now she just need complete rest. Akshay and Nandini sigh to know that Vijeta is okay so they determine to take care of her properly.


In the mean time, Nandini thinks that now Akshay clears it to Doctor Hasan that Nandini and he are having affairs so she started calling Akshay Jaanu as well she is going to close to him, Akshay seen uncomfortable with the Nidhi’s proximity with him in front of the doctor Hasan.

Akshay also scolded Nandini as she was going proximity with him in front of doctor Hasan and he also clears it to him that I was speaking with Vijeta about Neeti that now mom and dad are aware of it that Neeti is not my daughter.
He asked Nandini that why she assumes that I will be giving divorce to Vijeta now as now I have no plan to divorce her. Nandini became upset to know so and looked on. Akshay’s mom and dad doubt on Nandini why she was here in the Akshay’s house.

Irfan is angry to see Nandini growing proximity with Akshay and he shares this to Shabana that how she became depressed when Akshay left her and he also speak in that time it is him who handle her.

Shabana looks worried and both Irfan and Shabana are also shocked to see that Nandini come in the home and she looks upset and angry. Neeti’s Naani and Neeti shares some cosy memorable time with each other despite they are both wounded. Neeti’s Nani (grandmother) also asked to her that she will be taking care of Neeti always.

Akshay’s parents’ looks worried to wonder that why Nandini is going to close with Akshay and Vijeta and Akshay’s mom looked worried.

Precap: Vijeta shocked to know somehow that Akshay went to the Lonawa and she asked him why he went there as his credit card has been founded there.