Terror in Toilet : Python bites man’s private part while he sits on the loo

Terror in Toilet : Python bites man’s private part while he sits on the loo : Today we have shocking news for everyone. Yes, A python snake bites a man in a toilet and cut his private part. Yes, it’s shocking but true that a Python bites a man and attack on him in the bathroom.


We will give you full details about this news.
This shocking news came from the capital of Thailand where a Python attacked a man. A man was caught there and battle with a massive snake.

Atthaporn Boonmakchuay was the name of this man, who was squatting over the toilet by the python snake at his Thailand home. He suddenly felt sharp bite to the tip of his private part. Atthaporn Boonmakchuay grapped down there below his hand.

Snakes have clamped its jaws around his private’s parts. That guy felt that and then he bring a rope there to nab the snakes. But after some time, that guy succeeded to free himself from the snake.

He was immediately rushed to the nearby hospitals. Now everyone is waiting to know whether he is out of danger or not? He was saved there in the hospital. He rushed to the hospital at the time.

And the man broke the wall of the toilet, and he got the snake out of it. We should be beware of these types of drastic incidents. The snake came into the bathroom by the sewer pipe, and then suddenly he attacked at the private area of that man.

So we should think and check everything before we go to the toilet. It’s thought to concern for everything that we should check everything. And that python snake is still alive. Now let’s see what will happen next. Stay tuned with us for more news and updates.